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Chipper Schedule Update

Post Date:06/18/2017 3:18 PM

After crews have been working six days a week and  putting in a lot of extra work, the Public Works chipper service is now operating in the 1st week of June according to our schedule.

Chipper machine


In an effort to provide this service in a cost-effective manner, the Department has an established A route schedule for each area of the City.  This schedule designates a specific collection week each month (i.e. first, second, etc.) for each area of the City.  The week that contains the first Monday of the month is considered the first week of the month. 

While the Department strives to maintain this schedule, it may be altered during times of heavy workload. Crews will only make one pass through a neighborhood during the designated week, so to insure your brush is collected during the designated week, it should be placed at the curb on Monday morning of the designated week. 

Chipper Service guidelines

  • Stack brush behind the curb as close as possible but not in the road or on the shoulder of the road.  Placement on the paved surfaces of the street is prohibited and creates a danger to the public and potential liability to the homeowner. The homeowner will be required to remove immediately any brush stacked in the road and place it back in the yard.
  • Stack with the cut end toward the curb.
  • No brush pieces should be longer than 12 feet.
  • Limbs/stumps greater than six inches in diameter will not be picked up by the City and the homeowner must dispose of these large limbs by some other means.
  • The city recommends cutting anything over six inches in diameter for firewood.
  • Commercial tree trimming will not be accepted and must be hauled away by the person(s) that performed the trimming service. Commercial tree trimming includes any third party performing such services for the homeowner including, but not limited to, landscaping service, tree removal/trimming company, handyman, or other person(s) performing such services.
  • Bagged leaves will be picked up.
  • Dirt, loose leaves and trash will not be picked up.
  • At the discretion of the Public Works Director or his designee, city crews may refuse to service certain brush piles that due to the size or composition exceed the reasonable capabilities of the City’s resources or go against the intent of this service.

If you have any questions regarding this service or these guidelines, please call the Public Works Department at 615-371-0080. 

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