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Special Census Workers Start Knocking on Doors

Post Date:10/26/2017

Special Census Workers Start Knocking on Doors

Official City of Brentwood Special Census takers will begin canvassing neighborhoods this week with the goal of gathering information for the 2018 Special Census.    The census launched in August and to date, only 70% of citizens have responded.   For the other 30% missing, workers like Emma and Patricia Whittaker will be taking to the streets.2018 Special Census

Emma Whittaker said, “When the City of Franklin held its special census last year, I volunteered there also.”  The sister-in-law team have lived in Brentwood collectively for nearly twenty years and have service minded spirits.  The census-takers will be knocking on doors of households who have not yet responded to census requests by mail or electronically.  In the coming weeks, planning employees and other city employees will join in the door-to-door efforts.

 Emma and Patricia Whittaker

 What to expect during a visit:

 A knock at your door and only two questions

 How many people live in your home?

What are their first and last names?

Census-Takers will identify themselves and have Official City of Brentwood I.D.  They will be wearing lime green reflective vests.   At this time, door-to-door visits will only be made Monday through Friday only 2:30-5pm.  We will attempt to notify neighborhoods via Facebook and Nextdoor as to which neighborhoods will be visited each week.  Workers will begin first in the Raintree area of Brentwood.

It is very important that the City of Brentwood obtain an accurate count of every citizen.  Population is how the State of Tennessee distributes funds to municipalities.   Current projections suggest that Brentwood’s population has increased since the 2015 Special Census, when the population was 40,401.  Every person counted provides almost $125 to the city for services like police, fire, parks, and public works, etc.

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