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City Approves $500,000 for Communications Tower

Post Date:04/13/2018

  Since 2012, the City has been working with Franklin and Williamson County towards the development of a regional radio system that would allow the public safety agencies from all three governments to communicate seamlessly as needed for both routine and emergency situations.  In July of 2014, the Board of Commissioners approved a resolution which approved an inter local agreement that formally created the Williamson County Joint Communication Network Authority.    The Authority is governed by a nine-member board with three representatives from each participating local government.   The City's representatives include the City Manager, Police Chief and Fire and Rescue Chief.    It is the Authority's responsibility to formally negotiate with Motorola for all of the equipment, infrastructure, services, etc. necessary to actually implement the system and develop the proposed cost sharing arrangement for the system.

Previous Funding Approved

In November of 2016, the Board of Commissioners approved Resolution 2016-81 to approve funding for the regional radio system. The total project cost associated with the Motorola components of the project is $22.5 million. Cost projections show Brentwood's share of the system cost to be approximately $4.3 million. 

Amount Includes

  • costs associated with overall development of the simulcast radio system
  • construction of a new radio tower and associated facilities and equipment on existing City-owned land on Robert E. Lee Lane
  • new mobile and portable radios for all public safety personnel and vehicles
  • new dispatch center radio equipment
  • City of Brentwood share of the system’s basic operating and back-up systems

The costs reflected in the Motorola proposal did not include the City’s share of the costs associated with installation of the new Williamson County 350-foot, self-supporting communications radio tower to be installed in the Nolensville area.   This site is critical to ensure adequate coverage for the eastern portion of Brentwood.    Staff from the City and Williamson County reviewed the cost details of this specific site to determine an appropriate cost share amount for the City.     At the April 9 City Commission meeting, staff recommended a one-time contribution to Williamson County of $500,000 for approximately one-third of the total cost of the $1,501,437 communications tower.      The County will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the tower and the surrounding tower facilities.     Special year-end transfers from 2013 to 2017 have reserved funds necessary for the City's overall cost share for this project within the Capital Projects Fund.    The project is well into the construction phase and testing should start later this summer.

The system is scheduled to be operational in November 2018 with final acceptance in January 2019.

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