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Pedestrian Connectivity Study Results Released

Concord Road through Tower Park and underneath I-65 Recommended

Post Date:07/09/2018

Consultants and the community have spoken about which option is the best to connect pedestrians and cyclists is traveling through the City of Brentwood from the east to the west in the future.  Kimley-Horn and the Toole Design Group completed its study launched in the fall of 2017 with the goal to help identify a feasible route to safely cross Interstate 65.

The design team worked closely with City of Brentwood staff and the community.   Designers developed a study area first and analyzed existing conditions.  They focused on the center of the city around Concord Road and beyond.  During a July 5th presentation to City Commissioners, Zac Dufour, of Kimley-Horn explained, “If we could use an existing bridge that would be cheaper than building a new one” when speaking about option costs.

Throughout the planning process, it was vital that the community was given a voice to express opinions and concerns and that these were carefully taken into consideration.   At the January 23, 2018 community meeting, residents learned about each of the six proposed options.  Attendees were asked to vote for their top three choices while considering the trail length, probable cost, and degree of separation from the street, and number of properties affected for each option.  Option B1, using Concord Road through Tower Park and across I-65 Option C, using a multi-use path directly adjacent to Concord Road at Wilson Pike to Franklin Road, were the most popular options chosen by residents.

Trail Along I65 Exit ramp

The design team ultimately recommended Option B1 as a final solution that best fits the needs of the City of Brentwood.  This option connects from the proposed multi-use path along Concord Road between Wilson Pike and Tower Park and heads north through Tower Park until reaching the park’s northern end. The route then continues west across I-65 by one of three options—taking advantage of the existing Little Harpeth River culvert, boring a new tunnel underneath the interstate, or traveling over the interstate by way of a new pedestrian bridge. Transforming the culvert into a usable path is the recommended solution by designers.  Once across the interstate, this route travels south along TDOT exit- ramp right-of-way until reaching Concord Road.   Then a multi-use path travels west along the north side of Concord Road and continues until reaching Franklin Road, heading north along the east side of Franklin Road until meeting the proposed protected intersection at Murray Lane.  The entire plan could cost between five and eight million dollars.

City Manager Kirk Bednar commented, “This study has provided us with some extremely good information for future planning purposes.  We knew at the beginning that there was not an easy or low cost solution.  Given the preliminary cost estimates in excess of $5 million and potential private property impacts, this is not a project the City of Brentwood can take on anytime soon.  We will use the study information for future capital projects planning efforts, and look to identify future grant opportunities at the appropriate time.”


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