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Public Hearing for 900 Franklin Road Property Rezoning

Post Date:08/14/2018

 The Public Hearing for the rezoning of approximately 34 acres located at 900 Franklin Road, directly across from Fountainhead Drive was held Monday August 13 at the regular Brentwood City Commission meeting.      The requested change is to rezone the property from Agricultural Residential and Suburban Residential to Open Space Residential Development. 


The attached ordinance proposes the rezoning of property owned by Jack and Argie Oman, which is located at 900 Franklin Road. The property is bounded by large tracts to the north and south and the Turner Farm along a portion of its northern and southern boundaries and to the east. To the west, across Franklin Road lies the Fountainhead Subdivision, and the Historic Mountview home.


The subject property includes the existing Oman residence which, according to the Williamson County Property Assessor, was built in 1967 and includes an area of approximately 6,661 square feet.  There is a second structure on the tract that was built around 1930 and includes an area of 816 square feet. 

The existing Oman residence will remain and will be incorporated into the development plan.

  --  Dwelling Units per Acre 0.63  
The open space provided includes the required arterial road buffer, which is 150 feet wide as measured from the right-of-way of Franklin Road and a detention pond area located in the northeast corner of the property.  The sewer line running between lots 11 & 12 is also located in an open space strip.  

The access into the proposed subdivision aligns, centerline to centerline with Fountainhead Drive. The internal streets are proposed to be privately maintained with entry walls and gates at the access from Franklin Road. A three lane street section is provided at the entrance with one lane entering, eastbound, one shared through/right turn lane exiting northbound, and one left turn lane exiting southbound. The proposed private streets shall be constructed to City standards and comply with all requirements as detailed in the Municipal Code -- Chapter 58, Article IV, Chapter 78, Section 12, and the Subdivision Regulations.   The access has been designed to include a safe vehicle turnaround area.  The first 50 feet of the interior street measured from the right-of-way of Franklin Road will be publicly maintained, per Code. If the rezoning is approved, upon submittal of a preliminary plan for Planning Commission review, the Fire Marshall will review the access to insure that emergency service vehicles can safely negotiate a turn into the subdivision.

As mentioned previously, the tract proposed for rezoning is currently split-zoned AR/R-2.  The breakdown of the approximate area of the two zoning districts is -- AR = 13.97 acres; R-2 = 19.69 acres.

Proposed Lots 20 and 21 are configured to be "Flag" lots and are provided access to the internal street via a shared access driveway.  Development of the subdivision will comply with Section 78-486(8) regarding private shared access easements.  The development will also comply with other sections of the Municipal Code including Section 78-486(14) regarding residential driveway standards. This section requires certain standards be included as part of the design of  private drives. Since it is possible that the final location of the homes on Lots 20 and 21 will be at least 500 feet or more from a public street, the design of these homes will comply with Section 26-68, which requires any new dwelling constructed more than 500 feet from a public street or authorized private street, be protected by a residential sprinkler system. The submitted building plans shall include the design of the required sprinkler system. The applicable sections of the Municipal Code are attached.  

The developer has agreed to provide a public twenty-foot wide Multi-Use Trail easement in the arterial road buffer, shown on the plan to allow for future construction by the City of a minimum ten foot wide multi-use trail.  The proposed trail would meander through the buffer along Franklin Road and be part of a future planned north-south connection of the City's bike and pedestrian network between Concord Road and Murray Lane.  The exact timing for construction of this bike-pedestrian facility is unknown given it would require the cooperation of adjacent property owners to the north and south. The developer will be required to prepare a description for the easement and present it to the Board of Commissioners for acceptance, via resolution, before the final plat for the first section of the project may be recorded.

No improvements are proposed to Franklin Road as part of the development plan other than the possibility of re-striping the center turn lane.  


  • The ten-foot wide open space strip originally shown between Lots 12 and 13, which was intended as an maintenance access to the detention pond has been relocated between Lots 11 and 12, where the sewer line connection will be installed. The open space strip will also serve as a maintenance access for the detention pond. 
    The areas of nine lots have been adjusted;
    All lots within the project, except Lot 17 (43,500 sq. ft.) now exceed one-acre in area;
    The largest lot area is 111,958 sq. ft. (2.57 ac.) while the smallest lot area is 43,500 (0.998 ac.). The average lot size remains unchanged at 1.25 acres;
    The dedicated open space area remains unchanged at 5.33 acres.



For comparative purposes, the developer has provided a concept plan reflecting development of the property under the requirements of the existing AR/R-2 zoning districts.  This plan would yield an estimated 21 lots.  As mentioned above the proposed OSRD Development Plan also shows 21 lots.

The existing zoning concept plan shows four lots, all within the existing AR district, that could have direct access to Franklin Road, via separate driveways. The existing Oman Home would remain as part of the concept plan also. Detention ponds are located in the northwest and northeast corners of the property.  All lots shown on the concept plan meet the area requirements of the AR district (3 acres) and the R-2 district (1 acre).  The smallest lot includes an area of 43,614 square feet (1.001 acre), while the largest lot has an area of 143,757 square feet (3.300 acres).  

The concept plan does show the internal street extending to the easterly property boundary, which is intended to provide additional access in the event that the Turner property develops in the future.  


The developer has submitted to the proposed plan to Williamson County Schools (WCS) for an assessment as to the impact of the proposed development on the schools in the area. The property is currently zoned to Lipscomb Elementary, Brentwood Middle and Brentwood High Schools. 

WCS has estimated that at build-out the project will add five students to Lipscomb Elementary, three to Brentwood Middle School and four to Brentwood High School.  


The developer has gathered traffic counts and completed an initial; traffic assessment in an effort to determine if the new intersection configuration and projected traffic volumes will meet the warrant standards established by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for  installation of a traffic signal.  The warrants typically applied to subdivision and development entrances are not met.  When following TDOT guidelines for applying the warrants, the most common 8-hour warrant is only satisfied for 1 hour and the less common 4-hour warrant is not satisfied at all.  The initial traffic assessment is attached below. However, since school is not currently in session, a second study will be conducted after school opens on August 10th.  If the traffic counts warrant installation of a signal, the City would require the developer to contribute to the cost based on his proportionate share of the traffic, with the City having to fund the remaining cost.    

If a traffic signal is not warranted, modifications to the existing striping within the center turn lane on Franklin Road will be required.  These modifications would require TDOT approval before finalizing any improvements within the state maintained roadway.   


Staff with the Water Services Department has completed an analysis of the water and sewer capacity for the proposed project. Water capacity is available. The proposed density is consistent with the anticipated development of the property as included as part of the model. Sewer capacity is also available to serve the project.

Sewer service will be provided to the project by the existing six -inch line, which will be replaced and increased to an 8-inch line tied to the existing 24-inch trunk line east of the property running through the Turner farm.  



  • July 9, 2018 --  First Reading:   Board of Commissioners voted unanimously, six for and zero against (6-0) to approve Ordinance 2018-12
  • August 2, 2018 --- Community Meeting Held by Developer
  • August 6, 2018 -- Planning Commission reviewed and provided its recommendation 
  • August 27, 2018 --  Second and final reading is scheduled
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