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Brentwood’s Proposed 2020 Budget Released

Post Date:05/29/2019


Video of the May 28, 2019 City Commission Meeting 


The first of three public hearings on the proposed Fiscal Year 2020 budget for the City of Brentwood was held on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.  Two more hearings are set for June.

Brentwood City Commissioners unveiled the $92 million spending plan which is a significant increase from the 2019 budget.  The largest part of the increase is due to the construction and development of the new Brentwood Police Department Headquarters and the carry-over of the entire 2019 State Street Aid fund for a total of $16.9 million.

City Manager Kirk Bednar told city commissioners and department leaders at a May 16th budget work session that although the region is seeing a strong economy, new housing starts are continuing to decline in Brentwood due to high average home price and lack of available land.  “There were 140 new single-family housing starts in 2018, compared to the 185 in 2017.  The 2018 number is the lowest since 2010.”

The proposed budget continues to bolster Brentwood’s fiscal foundation.  General Fund revenues are up 3.7% from 2019. For nearly three decades, there has not been a change in the effective tax rate.  The proposed property tax rate for next year is 36 cents. 

The proposed budget also calls for:

  • Implementation of a customer self-service portal to allow customers to login and view water usage patterns
  • New software to allow easier processing and tracking of open records requests
  • An update to Brentwood’s fence regulations
  • Replacement of the Police Department’s K-9 officer due to retirement
  • Implementation of several projects at the John P. Holt Brentwood Library funded through the Holt bequest
  • The addition of three new firefighters, two new police officers, and a police captain

 We hope you check out the condensed overview of the budget online and attend one of the following public hearings:

June 10, 2019

City Commission Public Hearing - Appropriations Ordinance; 7:00 p.m., Brentwood City Hall, 5211 Maryland Way

June 25, 2019

City Commission Final Reading - Appropriations/Tax Ordinances, Final Public Hearing, 7:00 p.m., Brentwood City Hall, 5211 Maryland Way



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