All offices at City Hall and The John P. Holt Brentwood Library will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 22-23, 2018 for Thanksgiving. 

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Library Board

The Brentwood Library Board is comprised of seven Brentwood residents who volunteer their time and talents to help oversee the operations of the library. Appointed by the City Commission, these members represent the viewpoint of the community as it affects library policies, programs and procedures. Assisting with the work of the library board are representatives from the Buffalo River Regional Library in Columbia. Brentwood Library receives professional advice, staff training and limited book funds from the Regional Library. The Library Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the library. Visitors are always welcome.

2017 Library Board

Top left to right: Susan Earl, Laura McClendon, Sree Polavarapu, Chuck Scott, Paul Webb, Kathy Dooley-Smith, Sarah Johnson, Dottie Grief, Betsy Crossley

 Name  Address  Phone  Email
 Sree Polavarapu  1382 Sweetwater Dr.  517-579-0580  E-mail
 Betsy Crossley
 276 Stratton Ct.  615-440-9460  E-mail
 Sarah Johnson  1212 Lipscomb Dr.  615-424-7231  Email
 Kathy Dooley-Smith  8204 Devens Dr.  615-714-2040  E-mail
 Dottie Grief, Chair  6334 Shadow Ridge Ct.  615-373-1513  E-mail
 Laura McClendon  6209 Milbrook Road  615-373-4060  E-mail
 Charles Scott  1413 Lipscomb Drive  615-371-0822  E-mail
 Paul Webb (Regional Library Rep.)  1201 Twin Springs Drive  615-370-3075  E-mail


For information about joining the Board, contact Community Relations Director Deanna Lambert at 615-371-0060, Ext. 2259 or via E-Mail.