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Meeting Room Policy


The Brentwood Library building is owned and operated by the City of Brentwood. Providing meeting room space for Library sponsored events, city-sponsored activities and Brentwood community groups is an essential component of the Library’s overall program. These guidelines and policies attempt to provide fair and equitable access to the meeting rooms by balancing the needs of the community, civic groups and corporate users with the periodic needs of other user groups.

Priorities for Scheduling

Events sponsored by The Brentwood Library and other agencies of the Brentwood city government have first priority for meeting room use and are exempt from fees. Otherwise, meeting rooms must be rented by an adult Brentwood Library cardholder in good standing.  This library cardholder will be the contact person for the group and all communication will be directed toward this individual. 


Other Restrictions

The meeting rooms may not be used for private, individual parties such as birthdays, showers, wedding receptions, etc.  Illegal activities are not permitted.


Reservation Policies


Advance Reservations

Reservations must be made at least 14 days before the event.  The meeting rooms may be reserved up to eleven months in advance. Reservation is not confirmed until payment is received, and must be completed within 7 days of booking.


Limited Number of Reservations Permitted

Groups may reserve a meeting room once a month. The Library Board may occasionally vote to permit special one-time community events sponsored by non-profit groups to be held on a more frequent schedule. (An example of such a special event would be a series of educational seminars.)


Paperwork and Fees Required

Reservations will be scheduled only upon payment of the required fees. First-time non-profit renters will be required to provide proof of tax exempt status.


The lessee must sign the rental agreement, and agree to the terms and conditions of our meeting room policy.  



Cancellations must be submitted in writing by the group’s primary contact person at least 7 days before the event. Written cancellations are accepted by email to or may be delivered to the Library front desk. Groups failing to cancel at least 7 days before the reserved date will forfeit the room rental fee. Groups cancelling with 8 or more days notice will receive a credit instead of a refund on the renter’s account.   A group repeatedly booking and canceling reservations will become ineligible to make future reservations. 



The Library and City government reserve the right to evacuate the Library in case of an emergency situation. 



Advertising materials may not be placed in the Library to advertise the lessee’s activities, except for brochures and flyers placed on the Library's community information bulletin board, subject to the Library’s display policies. Lessee is responsible for all advertising and notification of event. Advertisements and communications may reflect that The Brentwood Library is the location for the event, but should not state or imply that the Library or the City of Brentwood are sponsoring or otherwise affiliated with the lessee’s programming.


No Endorsement – It should be understood by all groups and the public at large that the granting of permission to use Library meeting facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies, or affiliations of any individuals or groups using the meeting grooms by the Library staff, the Library Board of Trustees, or the Brentwood City Board of Commissioners.





All fees may be paid online, or at the front desk.  Fees will be assessed if cleaning and maintenance guidelines on the Meeting Room User Check List are not followed.  The Library reserves the right to charge the costs of any damages or cleaning fees (as specified on the checklist) incurred during use of the space.


Rental fees


The rental fee for a non-profit group is $5 an hour, which includes set-up and take-down time.



The rental fee for businesses and individuals is $25 an hour, which includes set-up and take-down time.


Overage Fees

  • Groups occupying the meeting room beyond the scheduled block of time will be assessed an hourly overage fee at double the contracted rate.

 Audio/Visual Equipment Availability and Fees

  • Wireless microphones $25
  • Projection System $25

Renters must make arrangements for Audio/Visual Equipment at the time of the reservation.  Renters will have no access to the control room.


Access to Exit Doors

Fire code laws prohibits blocking the four sets of doors leading outside. No tables, chairs, or other items should be placed in front of these doors. Any injury or death to any person occurring due to the blockage of these exit ways will be the liability and responsibility of the lessee blocking the doors. 



The Library Director or designee is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the above user guidelines and policies. In the best interest of the Library, the Director may deny use of the room. The Director’s decision may be appealed to the City Manager. If the City Manager denies use of the room, the decision may be appealed to the Library Board, who shall have final say.