2018 Brentwood Special Census

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2018 Special Census

What is a Special Census?

  • A basic population count
  • Conducted by the City of Brentwood
  • The City of Brentwood is requesting a special census to determine how many residents now reside in the City due to recent growth.   


Why does Brentwood need a special census?


Current projections suggest that Brentwood’s population has increased since the 2015 Special Census, when the population was 40,401.  Without a locally conducted special census, the State of Tennessee only recognizes the last certified population number.  This means that any additional revenue the City of Brentwood would receive by virtue of its actual population is lost until it conducts its own Special Census.  The goal is to bring in more state-shared revenue from various sources that are distributed to local governments according to population. 



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 The Process

Census cards will be mailed to every Brentwood home according to the timeline below.  Each family will be asked to provide the names of each person living at that address.  You will be asked to provide the first and last name for each person, including children or college aged students who may live temporarily on campus, but permanently reside at home.  The purpose of this census is to also count any grandparents who may be living with a family also.

The local census is different from the Federal Census in that the only information collected is the name of each resident at that address.  You will not be asked to disclose income or other demographic data.



 August 11, 2017  Census cards mailed
 September 1, 2017  Cards DUE
 November 2017  Door to door visits
 March 1, 2018  Special census information due



More Information


Planning and Codes Director Jeff Dobson -- 615.371.2204 

Planning and Codes Planner, Katie Jardieu -- 615.371.2204