Brentwood 2030 Plan

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The Brentwood 2030 Plan is the guiding document used by the City Commission, advisory boards, and staff as they seek to ensure a bright future for the Brentwood community.  The Plan's origin goes back to 1980 and the adoption of "Brentwood 2000" - the City's first-ever comprehensive plan.  Its successor was the Brentwood 2020 Plan, which was adopted in 1999.  The 2020 Plan was replaced in October 2016 with the Brentwood 2030 Plan.


Click here for a .pdf of the Brentwood 2030 Plan

What activities preceded the adoption of the 2030 Plan?

The City undertook a 3-year review of the 2020 Plan beginning in the fall of 2013.  The City's effort, known as the 2020 Update, included several public "listening sessions", public hearings, workshops, and three (3) community-wide surveys. 

Provided below are links to some of the videos, surveys, and reports that were part of the process.

Session One (at Brentwood Library, 11/12/2013)

Session Two (at Brentwood United Methodist, 11/14/2013)

Transportation Workshop (at Brentwood Library, 04/17/2014)

2020 Update Residential Survey #1

2020 Update Residential Survey #1 - Results

2020 Update Residential Survey #1 - Compilation of responses to question #25 (comments)

2020 Update Residential Survey #1 - Final Report

2020 Update Business Survey - Final Report (survey included)

2020 Update Resident Survey #2 - Final Report (survey included)

2020 Plan History and Documents (click here)