Plan Goals

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The Plan identifies seven broad goals for the year 2020:2020UpdateLogoSmall

1. Assure adequate areas for environmental conservation, recreation, and scenic purposes.

2. Assure adequate provisions for retirement-age persons including alternative housing for all stages, services, and activities.

3. Assure adequate commercial activities in providing additional tax base, serving areas with unmet needs, reducing trips associated with convenience activities, and maintaining the viability of existing activities.

4.  Assure a more mobile community in conveniently and safely linking people with home, employment, essential services, and recreation.  It is a further goal to assure mobility provisions that are suitable for the environment, integrate land use and promote economic activity.

5.  Assure the continuation of existing predominate residential types and densities in future residential areas other than for retirement districts.  It is a further goal to assure adequate provisions for future service institutional uses.

6.  Enhance community involving entry, appearance, cultural/civic opportunities, and safety.

7.  Maintain and enhance its effective growth management system. 

The Plan expounds upon each of these priorities through detailed objectives and the action steps necessary to accomplish the objectives.  Please see the link to the plan document for futher detail.


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