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Williamson County Schools (WCS) has requested consideration of a proposal to rezone the property located at 9714 Split Log Road.  The site is situated along the eastern edge of the City. The property is commonly referred to as the "Foster Property".

WCS has entered into an agreement to purchase the property.  A new kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5) elementary school will be built on the site.  WCS also plans to construct a middle school at some point in the future. However, the immediate need in the area is for an elementary school to help relieve overcrowding at Kenrose Elementary School. Current plans are for the new school to open in August 2018 in time for the 2018/2019 school year.

Please note that the current request, before the Brentwood Board of Commissioners, involves the rezoning of the land, only.
  Modifications to the attendance zones are not included as part of the land rezoning request.  WCS will prepare the appropriate adjustments to the boundaries of the attendance zones to accommodate the new school at a future date. Dependent upon the design of the proposed modified school attendance zone plan, it is possible that the new school could also relieve some pressure on Crockett and Sunset Elementary Schools.

The building design will be very similar to that used for the existing Clovercroft Elementary school, located on Clovercroft Road, slightly east of its intersection with Wilson Pike. 

The two-story school (except for the gym) will have a building footprint of approximately 69,000 square feet and a total building area of 118,000 square feet, along with a capacity of 825 students and 65 staff. The facility will include a total of 46 classrooms (42 general education, two special education, one music and one art).  The Brentwood zoning ordinance requires that parking be provided at one space per employee plus one space per classroom.  For this site a total of 111 parking spaces are required.  The submitted site plan shows a total of 213 parking spaces. Internal vehicle stacking lengths for parents dropping off and picking up students are provided as part of the design and should be sufficient to accommodate stacking onsite without impacting Split Log Road.

To help minimize topographic issues and preserve the potential for future development, the new elementary school will be built on the flatter portions of the property to the west, adjacent to Split Log Road. Athletic fields will be located to the north of the school, between the elementary school and future middle school. Access to the campus will be provided via a new drive at the intersection of Split Log and Pleasant Hill Roads.  Improvements at the intersection will be analyzed as part of the traffic impact study.  WCS has contracted to prepare a traffic impact study (TIS) that will help to determine the improvements necessary to the adjacent roadways to mitigate the traffic impact created by the school.  That study has not yet been completed, but is expected before final reading of the proposed ordinance. The TIS will be forwarded to Neel-Shaffer, the City's transportation consultant, for review and assessment of any proposed improvements.  WCS is also working to complete a boundary survey for the property.  Planning staff has requested a copy of the survey, which will show utilities, easements, structures, etc. currently encumbering the property.

Presently, there is one house located in the eastern portion of the property.  According to the Property Assessor, the house includes an area of 3,224 square feet and was originally constructed in 1965.  There are also several accessory structures on the property.  All structures will be demolished as part of the development of the site.

Bernini Place, in the adjacent Tuscany Hills Subdivision is designated as a temporary dead end street.  There are no plans to extend this street into the site.  However, it is possible that a pedestrian trail could be installed at the end of the street, which will allow students in Tuscany Hills to safely walk or bike to school. City and WCS staff have had some discussion for such a trail, although the plans for the school site are in the very early stages of development.

WCS will also be asked to install a sidewalk along their Split Log Road frontage.  The City is exploring the possibility of constructing a new sidewalk from the western school property boundary back to the west across the frontage of Tuscany Hills to Tuscany Way which will allow students living on the north side of Split Log Road to walk/bike to school.  There is an existing multi-use trail along the south side of Split Log Road that will allow pedestrian access to the school via a protected pedestrian crosswalk the signalized school entrance road.  

Finally, Water Services staff has completed a water and sewer capacity analysis for the proposed schools and determined sufficient water and sewer capacity exists to support the new schools on this site.

Additional information may be found on the City’s web site.

The proposed ordinance passed on first reading on March 13th.  WCS will conduct a community meeting with adjacent property owners within 1,000 feet of the project to explain the proposal and to answer any technical questions regarding the tract. The community meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 30th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Ravenwood High School Cafeteria, located at 1724 Wilson Pike.  The Planning Commission will provide its review and recommendation of the proposed ordinance to the Board of Commissioners on April 4th.  The public hearing is scheduled for April 10th, with second and final reading on April 24, 2017.  All Board of Commissioners and Planning Commission meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, located at City Hall – 5211 Maryland Way.