Public Works Project Fees

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Intersection Construction

Chapter 14, Article VIII of the Brentwood Municipal Code establishes a consistent and fair regulatory system for assessment of road impact fees for new development The ordinance is known as the Public Works Project Ordinance, by which the City calculates, collects and obligates a regulatory fee referred to as the public works project fee (PWPF).

As detailed in the Article, the Board of Commissioners shall periodically designate by resolution the public works projects which shall establish the basis for the public works project fee system. The most recent update of the ordinance calculations occurred in December 2007. Click here for the latest fee schedule.

Public Works Project Fees are based upon the land use and the amount of traffic generated by the development. The fees are generated using the Trip Generation rates derived from the manual -- Trip Generation, Seventh Edition (2003), published by the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE). To determine the fee, trip generation rates are divided by two (2) to yield the demand factor. The demand factor is multiplied by the Base Trip calculation to arrive at a fee per unit.

The fees are applicable to all new buildings constructed or additions to existing buildings constructed after January 12, 1987. Please note that there are no proposed changes to the Ordinance at this time.