Criminal Investigations Division

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Division Overview



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Capt. David O'Neil

The Criminal Investigations Division is under the command of Captain David O'Neil. The primary function of the division is to investigate reports of criminal activity after a crime has been reported to this department. The Criminal Investigations Division also conducts proactive investigations and covert operations in an attempt to deter criminal activity before it occurs. The division periodically works to educate citizens on how to protect themselves from being a victim of a crime. The Brentwood Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is also responsible for the processing of major crime scenes and the processing of crime scenes when a crime scene technician is not available or on duty. Detectives are on-call 24 hours a day on a rotating basis.

If you report a crime to the Brentwood Police Department, a patrol officer will normally respond to the location of the crime and complete an offense report detailing the crime. The offense report will then be forwarded to the captain of criminal investigations on the next business day for review. The captain is responsible for determining which reports are assigned to a detective for investigation. Detectives are normally assigned only felony cases, but may investigate misdemeanor cases when deemed necessary. An offense report may also be returned to the patrol division for a patrol officer to conduct an investigation.




Division History


The Brentwood Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division began in 1981 with Detective Tommy Jones. Detective Jones led the division and retired as a Lieutenant in 2002. From one detective in 1981, the division has grown to its current staff of seven which includes a captain, lieutenant, and five detectives.

Division Responsibilities

· Proactive and reactive investigations
· Conduct covert operations including drugs and vice activity
· Serving of arrest warrants in other jurisdictions
· Criminal internal investigations
· Gathering and maintaining intelligence information



Division Contacts 
Detectives normally work Monday – Friday 8:00am until 4:30 pm, but their hours may be altered as needed.
For more information please contact Captain David O'Neil. 


Capt. David O'Neil 615-577-6069 Email