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Citizen Alert - Emergency Notification System

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"Everbridge" is the High-Speed Emergency Notification System for Brentwood, Franklin, and Williamson County

To ensure notification and specify preferences (text messaging, weather alerts), residents must register cell phone and internet-based phone lines, such as Comcast and Skype


Emergency notifications for all of Williamson County are provided by a single vendor, Everbridge Inc.  Everbridge provides local officials the ability to rapidly mass-notify residents about emergencies, and gives residents greater control over the process.


Please click on the link to Everbridge to register, as follows:

  • Create an account with Everbridge    
  • Provide addresses of interest (home, work, parent’s home, child’s school, etc.)
  • Provide phone, text, and email addresses for your alerts
  • That's it!   You can then also select any non-emergency alerts they wish to receive (weather, traffic, events)

Important facts about the new notification system:

  • It works with any type of phone line, text, email, or TTY/TTD hearing impaired line
  • Information provided to Everbridge will not be shared with 3rd parties 
  • Some residents with phone-over-internet, such as Comcast, may have never registered in the old system and should create an account with Everbridge to be certain
Partners on emergency notifications since 2006, the County and City of Brentwood elected in 2014 to switch to Everbridge.  The decision was based on the company’s ability to notify tens of thousands of residents in a matter of minutes, and its ability to custom-deliver messages to residents based on the notification preferences they determine.  Everbridge, a multinational company providing emergency communications to over 50 million people, was lauded when their services were deployed in the wake of the Boston bombing.



Q: I already signed up with the notification program Brentwood has called NIXLE, do I need to sign up with Everbridge?

A: Yes.  NIXLE is a program for non-emergency cellular text (SMS) alerts such as traffic accidents.  Everbridge is a much more robust platform that works across voice, email, and text, and is largely used for emergencies.  You must be in the Everbridge database to receive emergency alerts.  

Q: My number was in the old system, do I need to sign up with Everbridge?

A: If your number was in the old system, it has been provided to Everbridge, but you need to set up an account to let Everbridge know what areas of Williamson County you wish to receive about (ie: home, kids' school, work, parents' home), what types of alerts you want to receive (ie: emergencies, but not traffic), and how do you want to be notified (ie: phone, email, or text).

Q: Will I receive alerts in the middle of the night?EverbridgeDoNotCallTime

A: If it is non-weather emergency, yes.  If it is a weather event, only if that is what you want.  You can specify hours for weather events in the Everbridge system that you don't want to be notified.  PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up for weather notifications, those alerts come directly from the National Weather Service (NWS) and are sent out through our system automatically.  If the NWS issues alerts in the middle of the night, and you have not specified do-not-call times, you WILL be awakened by these alerts.  On occasion, multiple alerts are issued for the same event.  These alerts are not controlled by the City of Brentwood.

Q: Once I'm signed up, can I change my preferences and information later?

A: Yes, you can change your information at any time.