Road Construction Update

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photo of a car driving in construction zoneFranklin Road Widening Project

 The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is widening Franklin Road between Concord Road and south of Moores Lane. The planned improvements include: Widening the roadway from its current two/three lane configuration to a five lane configuration with two north and south bound through lanes and a center turn lane.  The project will also include a multi-use path on the east side. 

TDOT started work in September 2017 and is expected to take three to four years to complete.


  1. Since the beginning of the project, retaining wall #7 is partially complete just north of Ellendale Dr. The remainder will be completed as the road is constructed through that area.
  2. The contractor has also completed two box culvert extensions for new drainage on each side of the road just south of Ellendale Dr.  Minor excavation and fill has been completed. 

Current work (January 2018 update)

  1. Retaining wall construction is ongoing just south of the Willowick subdivision entrance. During this work, dump trucks and concrete trucks will be entering and exiting the construction area onto Franklin Rd causing temporary stoppages in traffic. 
  2. The contractor is scheduled to begin rock blasting of an excavation area in January 2018 on the west side of the road between Willowick and Ellendale Dr.  Traffic will be temporarily stopped during the blasting for public safety and to remove any debris that may find its way in the roadway. 
  3. A temporary lane closure/ shift will be set up for retaining wall work just south of the Ashby Dr. subdivision entrance. The contractor will use barrier rail to separate work zone and traffic. During this time, the temporary lanes will be reduced to 11 ft wide and the turn lane to Ashby Dr. will be eliminated. Drivers may want to consider an alternate route once this closure is in place to avoid congestion.

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Crockett Rd. / Green Hill Blvd. Roundabout

construction barrel

Construction will begin in September 2017 on a new roundabout at the intersection of Crockett Road and Green Hill Blvd/Raintree Parkway.  Civil Constructors, LLC won the low bid with their $955,025 contract. The roundabout will replace the existing four-way stop and was selected over other alternatives following extensive analysis by Brentwood’s Traffic Engineer, Mike Harris.   “Given the backup that currently occurs at the four-way stop during peak times, we had to look at ways to improve the flow of traffic. A traffic signal or a roundabout would perform equally well during heavy volume, but the roundabout significantly outperformed the signal during off-peak times and was considered the best option,” Harris explained.  The roundabout also has the advantages of lower operating cost, less impact to adjacent properties, and a higher capacity to accommodate future growth in traffic volume.

Construction is expected to take about six months, but will be weather dependent.  The road will remain open to traffic during construction except for temporary lane closures outside of rush hour.   Notices will be posted in advance of any closures, but drivers should use caution and expect delays.


Why a Roundabout?

Roundabouts have been shown to be far safer than signalized intersections and have less impact on adjacent properties.  Roundabouts are safer because speeds tend to be lower and the potential for head-on collisions or side impact crashes are virtually eliminated.  Accidents that do occur tend to be less severe with far fewer injuries.  A University of Wisconsin study of 24 intersections that were converted to roundabouts found a 52% reduction in “severe crashes” after the conversion and a 9% reduction in the number of crashes.

This will be the second roundabout constructed in the City of Brentwood and was designed to mirror the roundabout completed in 2016 at Crockett Road and Arrowhead.   Also included in this project is the relocation of a City of Brentwood water line.

Sunset and Ragsdale  Road Realignment


Video Provided by Benesch of bridge beams being set in Fall 2017

The project will include a three-lane curb and gutter roadway with center turn lane and intermittent raised median, as well as a 10' bike/pedestrian path behind a 5' grass strip.  Construction is expected to be complete by late 2018.SunsetRagsdaleRealignmentJPG