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Historic Commission
Brentwood History
Historic Commission Projects
Current Members of the Historic Commission

Boiling Spring Academy The Historic Commission is composed of twelve members. One member shall be a member of the Board of Commissioners selected by the Board of Commissioners. One member shall be a member of the Brentwood Planning Commission selected by the Planning Commission. The remaining ten members shall be residents of the city appointed by the Board of Commissioners

Historic Commission Mission Statement: To promote an awareness of Brentwood’s rich cultural history and heritage; enhance the quality of life through the preservation of historic sites, by providing educational programs and activities; and as a city appointed volunteer board, coordinate with the City of Brentwood and the Brentwood Planning Commission to accomplish these goals.

The Historic Commission’s purpose is to promote the preservation of Brentwood’s historic sites and heritage. This is Cool Springs Houseaccomplished by recognizing and preserving the historic sites in Brentwood such as the Cool Springs House in Crockett Park and the Boiling Spring Academy in Primm Park. The Commission also provides educational programs, activities and events relating to the heritage of Brentwood. Each board member is responsible for one major project a year.

The Board meets on the third Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Brentwood Municipal Center, 5211 Maryland Way.

Anyone wishing to address the Historic Commission about a matter or would like more information about the Historic Commission, please contact the Community Relations Director, Deanna Lambert at 615-371-2259.

Current Members of the Historic Commission

Name Address Home Phone E-mail
Anne Laine Goad, Chair  1421 Bowman Lane 615.373.9533 Email
Carole Crigger 1423 Arrowhead Drive 615.661.4231 Email
Hollie Cummings  1618 Gordon Petty Drive 615.376.4462 Email
Kathie Greaves  9525 O’Hara Drive 615.776.2268 Email
Ashley McAnulty 8113 Warner Road  615.347.8902 Email
Katheryne Cowan

915 Hidden Oak Place

615.218-0125  Email
Sherry Hammond 1089 Hamer Court 615.776.1438  Email
David Johnston 756 Edmondson Pike 615.333.8664  Email
Jodi Rall 1690 Brightway Place 615.834.8968  Email
Chuck Sherrill 914 Sunny Hill Road 615.376.9957 Email 
Loyce Hooker  1421 Robert E Lee Lane  615.417.6090  Email
Anne Dunn, City Commissioner 1613 Covington Drive 615-370-3702 Email
Deanna Lambert City Staff 615-371-2259 Email


Historic Commission Projects

  • Officers – Anne Goad, Chairman
  • Historic Brentwood Cemeteries – the cemetery committee has identified all Brentwood historic cemeteries. They have also begun photographing and transcribing the tombstones and are in the process of providing the GPS documentation for inclusion on City planning maps. Once these tasks are completed, the committee will begin to review and digitalize the information for future availability on the Internet and at the Brentwood Library for genealogical research. If you are interested in historic cemeteries contact Kathie Greaves, 776-2268.
  • Boiling Spring Academy Program – another successful year at our Moores Lane one room school circa 1832! Each year approximately 900 period-costumed Brentwood second-graders step back in time for “A Day in 1845.” The commission developed a classroom program taught by retired teachers which includes penmanship, arithmetic (using slates and slate pencils), history, recitation, a spelling bee, and an activity book. For information, contact Carole Crigger at 661-4231.
  • Boiling Spring Academy Docents – the academy is open to the public on the third Sunday of the month, May through October from 2:00–4:00. To be a docent, please contact Kathie Greaves at 776-2268. Periodic training sessions are scheduled.
  • Historic Markers – the marker committee is in the process of completing an inventory of all Historic Brentwood markers. They will assess the type and condition of existing markers and restore or replace the signs. The committee will also encourage new signage where opportunities exist, and will provide GPS location information for inclusion on a city map. Volunteers are welcome, please contact David Johnston.
  • History Bowl - the commission sponsors a History Bowl game show to create a greater awareness and love of history in young people. The History Bowl is an exciting and fun event featuring a fast paced game with four rounds of history questions in a format similar to popular quiz shows such as Jeopardy. The event features Advance Placement students from Brentwood and Franklin public high schools.
  • Historic Interviews – the historic interview committee has completed an impressive number of historic interviews. Copies are in the Brentwood Library for use by the community. They include:
    • “Conversations at the Concord House" 
    • Unedited videos of people and topics pertaining to Brentwood’s history
  • Fundraising Committee – This committee is involved in several projects throughout the year to raise money for our projects. To volunteer call 371-0060.

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