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Find Foxxie?

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Following the Civil War, Brentwood fell on hard times. Many of the large plantation homes survived the war but not the way of life. They began to fall into disrepair. During the early part of the 1900s, suburban Brentwood started to be rediscovered. Many old houses were purchased and restored to their former glory. Not only was Brentwood’s beneficial qualities discovered but the love of equestrian events and fox hunts captured the interest of the new residents. Fox hunting was not new to Brentwood. In the 1800s land owners actively engaged in fox hunting.  

Meet Foxxie


Foxxie the fox has been seen hiding in the caches. 


If you find a calling card from at a cache, collect it!  Bring the card and your completed passport to get your own Brentwood geocaching fox at:

  • Brentwood City Hall - Front Desk, 5211 Maryland Way
  • Brentwood Library - Reference Desk, 8109 Concord Road