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Lock Box Requirements

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How do I get a box?

You may order your Supra Key box online at the Kidde Lock Box Store. Once on the site, you will need to create an account.  When asked which “Customer Type” you would like to select, please select “Fire Department”.  Once you create your account, it should be verified by Kidde within 48 hours.   

Once you are able to login to the site, you will want to type “Brentwood” into the Find Your Fire Department box.  Click Search and select Brentwood Fire & Rescue (TN).  Once you select Brentwood Fire & Rescue (TN), this will ensure that your lock box is keyed to our key code for the box.

New Construction:  You will need to purchase the SupraSafe 2HSR Key Lock Box.  The box is made to be mounted into the wall and it features flanges so that the box will be flush with the building.

Remodel Construction:  It is preferred that you purchase the SupraSafe 2HSR Key Lock Box if the building is undergoing a major renovation with exterior work; however, if this is not the case, you may purchase the SupraSafe 2 HS or the SupraSafe 1 Key Lock Box depending on the size of the occupancy.  Consult with the Brentwood Fire & Rescue Fire Marshal for an interpretation.



What is the Cost?

SupraSafe 2 HSR Key Lock Box starts at $234.

SupraSafe 2 HS Key Lock Box starts at $194.

SupraSafe 1 Key Lock Box starts at $147.