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  • Why is the top of my fire hydrant a different color?

  • Why does a fire truck respond when I call for an ambulance?

  • How do I become a Brentwood firefighter?

  • What are the minimum qualifications to become a Brentwood firefighter?

  • Does Brentwood Fire & Rescue have a volunteer program?

  • Does Brentwood Fire & Rescue have an Explorer Program?

  • My doctor told me that I can go to the fire station and get my blood pressure checked. Is this true?

  • Is outdoor burning allowed in the City of Brentwood?

  • What is the composition of Brentwood Fire & Rescue?

  • What is the insurance class rating for the City?

  • I locked my keys in my car; can Fire & Rescue help?

  • What is the current fire code adopted by the City?

  • Can fireworks be sold or used in Brentwood?

  • How do I schedule a public education event?

  • What services are offered by Fire & Rescue other than fire protection?

  • What is the Citizens Fire Academy?

  • Does Brentwood Fire & Rescue ever solicit donations by telephone?

  • Can I contribute money to Fire & Rescue?