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Public Education

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Join us each September or October for Public Safety Day at City Park, 300 Franklin Rd.  This outdoor festival provides a fun atmosphere for families and children to learn about #firesafety.



Station Tours 

What is it like to live at a fire station?   Take a peek inside!  Station tours are available to families or small groups upon request.

Child Sitting in Fire Engine

Engine Demonstrations

One of our favorite programs, an engine visit is a great way to teach kids fire safety while having fun.   Engines are available to visit schools and make birthday party visits, as long as there isn't an emergency call. 
Children will learn what firefighters do, can climb inside the cab and will receive a fire helmet.

Fire Sprinkler Demonstration

Did you realize that for 1.5% of the cost of your home, you can protect your house with fire sprinklers? Unlike the movies, usually, only one or two sprinklers deploy to put out a fire. They do not go off when the fire alarm is activated unless heat is present. If you are interested in learning more, we can demonstrate fire sprinklers using a small trailer that will be brought to your group or neighborhood.

Eng. Jesse teaching children in fire safety house

Fire Safety House

Each October, the fire safety house visits schools to teach children about fire safety and how to escape a fire. The fire safety house is mobile and hands-on. The Fire department uses the fire safety house to put children through drills to practice escaping from a fire in a safe environment.

Great Escape Brand LogoGreat Escape Program 
Did you know that fires are the leading cause of death from unintentional injuries for children between the ages of one and four years old? The Great Escape Program by the Burn Prevention Network encourages families to make and practice a fire escape plan. In return for completing a fire safety plan, children receive coupons for meals or other rewards.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

During an emergency is the last place a person should learn how to use a fire extinguisher. While most people have access to a fire extinguisher at home or at work, few have training. During this class participates will not only practice extinguishing fires, they will also learn about types of fire extinguishers and limitations.

Smoke Detector Installation and Home Safety Checks

The National Fire Protection Association reports that in almost half of all home fires no working smoke detectors were present. If you know of a family that may need help installing a smoke detector due to finances or physical limitations, we can help. The department also offers free home safety checks to help catch potential hazards before a fire starts.

I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency

If you are alone, and unconscious or seriously injured in an accident, how are responders to know critical medical information?  How are your loved ones to know about your situation?  By following these recommendations, you can program your phone to talk to us when you can't.

Learn Not to Burn®

The National Fire Protection Association's Learn Not to Burn programs reach children using proven educational strategies that incorporate our philosophy of teaching positive, practical fire safety messaging.

Children are unique in their physical, social, and emotional development. NFPA has extensive experience in curriculum development. With access to certified classroom teachers on staff and in the field, we are able to convene a team seasoned in the important components of curriculum development – planning, developing, implementing and evaluating.

More Information

Please contact the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department at (615) 371-0170 or email Jeff Pender about these programs.