Station 1

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Administration Fire Station 1

5211 Maryland Way
Brentwood TN, 37027
Phone: (615) 371-0170
Fax: (615) 371-2270

Photo of Fire Station 1Fire Station 1 is considered the headquarters for Brentwood Fire & Rescue.  Located in the heart of Maryland Farms Commercial District on Maryland Way, it was built in 1987 while the city was first establishing its fire department.  As a part of the city’s administration building, it was designed to house not only the on-duty firefighters, but also the administrative staff.  Currently the Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Administrative Secretary, Fire Marshal, and Training Officer all have offices in Station 1.  The Shift Supervisors also respond from Station 1.  Station 1’s district runs from the Nashville city limits on Old Hickory Boulevard south past Murray Lane and from Hillsboro Road, east, past Jones Parkway.  Station 1 includes bunk room facilities, a day room and office, a kitchen, locker room facilities, and a physical fitness facility that is shared with the city’s Police Department.  Station 1 also has a maintenance shop, laundry room, and capabilities of refilling air cylinders used in structural firefighting.


Photo of Engine 51

Housed in Station 1 are Engine 51, Ladder 51, and Battalion 51.  Engine 51 is a Pierce PUC Custom Engine that was introduced into the fleet in 2010.  It has a 500 gallon water tank with a pump capable of flowing up to 1,500 gallons of water per minute.  Engine 51 also has a full compliment of not only fire suppression equipment, but also basic and advanced medical life support, rescue equipment including the “Jaws of Life”, utilized in vehicle extrication, shore based water rescue, and basic hazardous materials decontamination.  Engine 51 is staffed with a Lieutenant, Engineer, and a Fire Fighter (one of whom is a certified Paramedic, with the other two being AEMT certified).



Photo of Ladder 51Ladder 51 is also housed at Station 1.  The largest piece in Brentwood’s fleet, this 100 foot tower ladder made by Sutphen is able to reach over seven floors.  Brentwood Fire & Rescue took delivery of the new tower ladder in October of 2008.  It has a 300 gallon water tank and pump capabilities of 2,000 gallons of water per minute.  Ladder 51 has a full compliment of firefighting equipment including equipment used to minimize damage during firefighting operations. The ladder also is outfitted with basic life support medical equipment.



Photo of Battalion 51

Battalion 51 is a 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe used by the Battalion Chiefs as a command center during large incidents.  Outfitted with several types of organizational management tools including accountability boards and reference materials.  Battalion 51 is used as a central information center where all important decisions are made during emergency operations.  Along with command information, monitoring devices are also placed on Battalion 51 as to ensure that such equipment is readily available anywhere in the city. 




 Engine 55 is a specialized unit also assigned to Station 1. E-55 is known as a "mini-pumper", which enables access to areas such as parking garages, or steep/narrow driveways.  This unit also provides a more effective response during inclement winter weather.  Manufactured by Spartan, this unit is also equipped with a compressed-air foam system (CAFS), and was placed into service in 2013