Station 3

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Fire Station 3

1750 General George Patton Drive
Brentwood TN, 37027
Phone: (615) 371-2226
Fax: (615) 371-1938

Photo of Fire Station 3Fire Station 3, built in 1992, was established as a part of the city’s service center.  Station 3 was added due to the growth on the south side of the city, while the Cool Springs shopping area was still under construction. Station 3 is located along General George Patton Drive just north of the Franklin city limits.  Its district spans from the Stonehenge Subdivision, south, to the Franklin city limits, and from Brookhaven subdivision on the east side, west, to Franklin Road.  With much of the city’s industrial and commercial occupancies in Station 3’s district, it has potential for large fires.  Station 3 might have somewhat smaller of district in square miles, but with the large number of citizens that frequent the Cool Springs area, Station 3 can be just as busy as any other fire station in the city.  Station 3 also responds to many vehicle accidents on the northbound side of Interstate 65, from Moores Lane to Concord Road.  Station 3 consists of a watch desk, or office, day room with kitchen and dining room, fitness room, and bunk room facilities.

Photo of Engine 53Housed at Station 3 are Engine 53, the Hazardous Materials Trailer, and the Air Trailer.  Engine 53 comprises of a Lieutenant, Engineer, and Firefighter.  Engine 53 is a 2005 Pierce Tele-Squirt with 500 gallons of water and a pump capacity of 2000 gallon per minute, making it the largest capacity pump on any of the engines.  Engine 53 also is outfitted with a 55 foot elevated master stream device, capable of reaching the fourth story of a structure.  Engine 53 holds a full compliment of fire suppression equipment, basic and advanced medical life support equipment, as well as some basic rescue equipment including shore-based water rescue devices and rope capabilities.  With many of the Hazardous Material Technicians stationed on Engine 53, it also carries advanced hazardous materials mitigation equipment.

Photo of Haz-Mat TrailerThe Hazardous Materials Trailer is an advanced piece of equipment that assists Brentwood Fire & Rescue in substance recognition, mitigation, and control.  The trailer is stocked with personal protective equipment, decontamination equipment, large spill control, and even a portable laboratory with weather tracking capabilities to assist fire department personnel in accurately managing an incident involving hazardous materials. These events are so complex, several man hours are required to properly train personnel to prepare for such an emergency. This trailer is critical to the success for fire department personnel to understand the properties of what they are dealing with.

Photo of Air TrailerThe air trailer is instrumental during large incidents where the air cylinders utilized in structural firefighting or other emergency incidents need to be refilled. The average air cylinder a firefighter uses can last anywhere between 25 to 45 minutes.  Each apparatus has approximately two cylinders for each firefighter.  With some fires requiring several hours of cylinder use, firefighters need to be able to replenish their air supply on the scene of an emergency.  This specialized air trailer uses a large compressor, along with other tools, to fill up to three air cylinders with breathable air at one time.