Station 4

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Fire Station 4 & Training Center

1300 Sunset Road
Brentwood TN, 37027
Phone: (615) 661-7060
Fax: (615) 661-7071

Photo of Fire Station 4Fire Station 4, a part of the Brentwood Safety Center East, was built in 2002 to accommodate for the growth trends on the east side of the city.  This station covers a large district, much of it being rural to suburban, running east of Steeplechase Road and Green Hill Boulevard to Nolensville.  It also runs south of the Nashville city limits to Split Log Road.  Station 4 is located on Sunset Road, just south of Concord Road, and neighbors the Governor’s Club Community.  The station is outfitted with a full kitchen, day room, office, bunk room, and officer’s quarters.  Specialized working environments at this station include an air shop to maintain the air cylinders used to breathe in smoky atmospheres, a specialized laundry room for washing personal protective equipment, and a fitness room, as firefighter fitness is of the utmost importance.


Photo of Engine 54

Station 4 houses Engine 54, a 2015 Pierce Custom Pumper with 750 gallons of water and pump capabilities of 1500 gallons per minute.  This engine is outfitted with a compliment of fire suppression equipment as well as basic and advanced life support medical equipment.  Engine 54 also is outfitted with some basic rescue equipment including vehicle extrication tools and basic hazardous materials protection.  Engine 54 is staffed with a Lieutenant, Engineer, and Firefighter. 



Photo of Engine 5
Along with Engine 54 is Engine 55, a reserve engine manufactured by Pirsch.  This engine was built in 1986 and was the first engine purchased by the City of Brentwood when the department was formed. 


Photo of Brush 1

The city’s only brush truck is also run out of Station 4.  This specialized four-wheel-drive vehicle is 
utilized during situations where the engines can not drive to.  This could be open fields or wood
ed or areas.  It is a 1998 Chevrolet pick-up truck with a skid unit in the bed of the truck which holds 250 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam product for certain firefighting applications.




Along with the fire suppression equipment at Station 4 is the Fire Safety House.  This specialized trailer holds a miniature home inside and is used to teach the youth in Williamson County the importance of fire safety, including how to dial 911, getting out and staying out, and plotting a safe meeting place for their family to meet once out of the structure.

Also on the grounds at Station 4 is the city’s training facility.  This highly advanced, multi-purpose training facility allows for both Brentwood City firefighters and also neighboring communities to come and hone their skills.  The training center includes a 5 story training tower utilized for hose line advancement, search and rescue, firefighter survival, and rope rescue.

Photo of Training CenterA live fire prop is also located on the grounds, which burns environmentally friendly natural gas to simulate high heat and smoke conditions, similar to that in burning buildings.  Several other props are available at the training center to assist firefighters in learning advanced suppression and rescue techniques.  The large open area allows for firefighters to train on vehicle extrication and fire apparatus operations.