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Shelter Reservation Coordinator: Jamielee Booker
Direct Phone: 615.507.2763

  • Can we have a pony or other farm animals at our event?

    No, farm animals including: ponies, sheep, goats, etc, are not allowed.
  • How do I check shelter availability?

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  • What park shelters are available to reserve?

     The following parks have a shelter for you to reserve.

    • Crockett Park
    • Granny White Park
    • Owl Creek Park
    • River Park
    • Smith Park
  • Do I have to have a reservation to use the shelter or pavilion?

    No you do not.

    If there is not a "Reserved" sign outside of the shelter or pavilion, then it is considered "First come, First serve".  You may also feel free to contact the Reservation Coordinator Jamielee Booker at (615) 507.2763 to verify availability.

    Please keep in mind that when it is First come First Serve, that electricity, lights, water and in some cases the grill, will not be unlocked for your use.

  • Can I have a caterer?

    Absolutely. Just call the office prior to your event and let us know who will be onsite or dropping off. They may get as close to the pavilion/shelter as possible to make the drop off, but may NOT stay and park on any grass surface.
  • Can I have a DJ, music or PA system?

     Sure... Just call the office and let us know. All sound must be contained within the shelter/pavilion.

    The only exception is Owl Creek and Smith Park. We do NOT allow amplified sound at all in Owl Creek or Smith Park.

  • Can I decorate the shelter/pavilion for my event?

    What’s an event without balloons and streamers?

    Yes, we ask that you only use the blue painters tape to hang up decorations. No tacks or staples please. When you are done with your event, please remove your decorations and any tape residue.

  • Do you allow alcohol?

    Sorry, but we do not. If you are caught with any type of alcohol in the parks, pavilion or parking lot, you will be asked to leave the property and you may lose privileges to reserve or use the park in the future. We take this very seriously, so please enjoy our parks ALCOHOL FREE.
  • My child's school would like to have an event at one of the parks. Can I reserve it on behalf of his/her class?

    If the event is during school hours, on a school day... No, you may not.  

    The school must make the request and pay any applicable fee IF they are NOT a Brentwood, tax paying school.

    If the event is after hours or on a weekend... Yes, you may make the request and sponsor the event as a private citizen, fees may apply based on your residency.

  • How many inflatables can I have?

    Granny White, Crockett Park, Owl Creek and River Park can each support a maximum of one (1) inflatable. River .  Water components are NOT allowed with the inflatable.

    Smith Park does not allow inflatables.

  • I want to have an inflatable for my event, what do I need to do?

     You must first request permission through the parks shelter reservation coordinator. Once approved, whomever you choose as your provider must list the City of Brentwood as an additional insured. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to the event.

    Inflatables are NOT allowed at Smith Park.

  • Can I bring an additional grill to the park?

     You must have a reservation if you would like to bring an additional grill into the park.  The grill can NOT be a charcoal grill. With permission, you may bring a grill. It must be propane only and have a portable fire extinguisher with it as well. 
  • How do I make my payment?

     Once approved, you will receive an invoice (if applicable) with a due date payment should be mailed or dropped off to our office at 1750 Gen. George Patton Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027.
  • What form of payment is accepted?

     We accept check or money order, made out to the City of Brentwood. Because the deposit is refundable, we do not currently offer payment with debit or credit card since a fee would be incurred to make a charge and then refund it.
  • When is my fee payment (if applicable) due?

    Once your request is approved, you will receive a "Request for Payment" via email with your due date, how much is due and where to send it to.
  • Is there a fee to rent the shelter/pavilion?

    If you are a non-resident, the appropriate fees are listed in the fee schedule that you can access by clicking the pricing link below.

    All pricing is based upon residency, whether it be Brentwood inside of Williamson County, any other city within Williamson County and then any city in any county.


  • Who is considered a Brentwood resident?

    A quick and easy way to double check if your address is within the city limits is to enter your address in this city limits boundary map.  If you are still unsure, please call (615) 507-2763 and speak with Jamielee Booker, she will happy to look up your address and let you know.
  • When are the concerts in the park?

     The concerts are held each year in Crockett Park in the Eddie Arnold Amphitheater. They generally occur in the months of May, June and July.

    You can access the most current schedule and see who will be performing by going to the "summer concert series" tab.

  • Who do I call or email with ideas or suggestions?

    A: Please contact Dave Bunt, Director of Parks at 615-371-2208 or through email at

  • Who do I call with maintenance concerns?

     Please call 615-371-2208 and ask to speak with Erin Kiney the Parks Maintenance Supervisor.
  • How do I know if the playing fields are open or closed on bad weather days?

     Monday - Friday, check the Field Conditions Page on this website or call the hotlines at 615-373-8310 for Granny White Park and 615-373-7752 for Crockett Park and Tower Park. The final decision will not be made until 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. On the weekends the hotlines will be posted at 6:30 am. Please note to call back throughout the day as further updates are made as conditions change.
  • How do I reserve an athletic facility in one of the parks?

    For general rentals call 615-371-2208 and ask to speak with Mike Sallee the Recreation Services Coordinator for the city. If you belong to an official service provider in the city, you must have your league official contact Mike.
  • When do you start taking reservations for shelter/pavilions?

    We start accepting reservations on from Brentwood residents/businesses on February 1st at 7:00 am or the first business day closest to February 1st of the current calendar year. All non-Brentwood residents/businesses may start reserving on March 1st.

    At that time you may schedule your needed dates on a first come first serve basis. We will continue to take reservations up to October 31st of each year. During the months of November through January, no reservations will be accepted.

  • How do I reserve a shelter/pavilion in one of the parks?

    Simply go to the  application page and select the park that best fits your needs. do not hear back from the reservation coordinator within 24 hours of submitting your request, please call the office at 615.507.2763  and request to speak with Jamie Booker.

  • Can I bring in my own inflatable to the park for my party?

    Unfortunately we do not allow personnel inflatables in the park. You must go through a vendor and we must have a certificate of liability on file with the office prior to bringing the inflatable onto park property.