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Trail System

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The City of Brentwood has developed a Trail System of multiple marked trails along paved surfaces in many of the City’s parks.

The trails are designed for the leisurely enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors as well as for the exercise enthusiast. They provide a great place to walk, jog run, bike and roller-blade. The trails vary in length and difficulty. They are incorporated around other areas of the park system to allow use while family or friends may be utilizing the area facilities including the YMCA, Williamson Recreation Center or Martin Center, for example. 

The markers are color coded every 10th of a mile.

Additional trails are currently being developed for future expansion of the trail system and are noted on the map. Enjoy the City’s trail system and help preserve them for future generations.

Please be courteous of others on the trails. Always walk, skate or ride to the RIGHT. Pass to the LEFT. Give a shout when passing. Walkers and Joggers have the right of way. Skaters please yield to those on foot. Bikers please yield to all.


Updated on 01/31/2020 3:30 PM