Face coverings are required in all City facilities.  For the latest Covid-19 information, please visit


New guidelines for picnic shelters in Brentwood parks are based on the Tennessee Pledge and are therefore, subject to change at any time!

 We are not allowing events that have over 50.

The current Executive Order issued by Governor Lee runs through the end of August.

  •  Until further notice, only Brentwood residents, businesses, churches, and schools can make “new” reservations. Any existing reservations from non-Brentwood entities will be honored provided the event complies with the Governor's order regarding the maximum attendance for a social gathering and Brentwood’s specific shelter maximums. Staff will also work to reschedule all current reservations whether they are Brentwood-based or not.
  • Presently, the Governor’s order regarding social gatherings is a limit of 50 people, but for the purpose of meeting social distancing guidelines given facility sizes, the following maximum occupancy limits will be made for pavilions and shelters:
    • Granny White Park - 50
    • River Park - 25
    • Owl Creek Park - 25
    • Crockett Park - 25
    • Smith Park – 25
  • All other outdoor picnic or green spaces, people are to maintain the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC or at the discretion of the department supervisor for specific spaces.

 These attendee maximums will allow for proper social distancing during events.

 Basketball courts, and other amenities will not be available until future orders are issued.

 Guidelines for use

  1. Always maintain social distancing
  2. No events that use inflatables, dance floors, etc. that discourages social distancing
  3. Do not move tables
  4. No sharing of serving utensils - Use full-service catering when possible
  5. Serve cupcakes instead of having sheet cakes
  6. Do not use “community” drink containers – use individual drinks
  7. Have hand sanitizer available for your guests
  8. Self-disinfecting common surfaces prior to & during your event (in addition to city services)
  9. Encourage guests to wash hands before, during, and after event
  10. Wearing masks is strongly encouraged

If your event is found to have more than the maximum allowed you will be asked to end your event immediately.