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Sign Ordinance

Chapter 78 - Article V

 The City of Brentwood does not have a sign permit.  Instead a sign approval letter is issued specifying the approved sign and conditions of approval.  Sign parameters vary depending on the overlying zoning classification.  If you are unsure of the zoning, please refer to the City GIS Zoning Map.  The legend is in the bottom middle of the page in a blue circle. 

Brentwood Sign Ordinance

Temporary Signs

A permit is not required to display a temporary sign, but the sign ordinance does limit size, height, location, and duration of display. 

  •  Public ROW-Signs  Signs should not be placed within the public right-of-way (ROW), meaning that area between the street pavement and the property liens of adjacent lots.


    • All temporary signs shall be placed a minimum distance of 10 feet from the back of the curb, the edge of pavement, or the stabilized shoulder or a sufficient distance to ensure they are out of the ROW


  • Signs at intersections shall be placed to ensure they are outside of the required sight distance triangle.


General Temporary Sign Guidelines

   Lots less than 5 Acres in size Lots 5 Acres or Greater in Size 

Sign faces (or sides) Allowed

MAX of 5 signs 

Provided that no single sign is larger than 8 square feet

1 sign or Multiple Signs

Provided the area of all signs combined does not exceed max square footage allowed

 Total Maximum Area Allowed  20 square feet maximum  32 square feet maximum
 MAXIMUM height of ALL Temporary Signs = 6 feet


Sign Approval Process

Permits: Foundation and/or footing permits are obtained separately through the city.  Electrical permits are obtained through the state.