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Public Works Project Fees

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PWPF Study Cover

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Since 1995, the City of Brentwood has levied a Public Works Project Fee (PWPF) on new development.  The PWPF is a road impact fee designed to assess new development for the cost of road capacity needed to serve the new number of new vehicle trips generated by the development.  The one-time fee is assessed when a building permit is issued, and proceeds from this fee are set aside in a designated fund.  The proceeds can only be used for improvement projects that add vehicle capacity to the City's road network.

The City of Brentwood is reviewing the current fees to determine if they are adequate given today's construction costs and commuting patterns.  The City has engaged Duncan Associates to conduct a study of the fees and an initial report (available here) has been prepared for the City Commission. 

The City Commission first reviewed this draft report at the City Commission Briefing on August 22, 2019.  Formal consideration of an ordinance to adopt an updated fee schedule will occur on November 11 and 25.  The public and the development community are encouraged to review the draft report and recommended fee changes and provide input to the Commission.

The last update to the Public Works Project Fee schedule was in 2008.  The tables available here list the different land uses and the current and proposed fees.