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Vacation Watch

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What is Vacation Watch?

Vacation Watch is a free service provided by the Brentwood Police Department whereby you may notify us of your upcoming vacation dates and provide contact information so you can be reached while you are away.  This will ensure the Police Department will be able to contact you in the event we respond to something out of the ordinary at your home.  You can also let us know what vehicles should be in the driveway, who (if anyone) should be at your home in your absence, and any other information you feel is important. 

When possible, police officers will make an extra effort to drive by your house while you are gone to observe if everything appears okay.  Unless something is obviously wrong, they will not stop their vehicle, but will simply look to see if the appropriate vehicles are in the driveway and that the home appears secure as viewed from the street. 

How to Sign Up

If you would like to sign up for Vacation Watch, please fill out this form and email it to