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Bike Patrol

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Photo of Sgt. Scott James
Bike Patrol Supervisor
Sgt. Scott James

The Field Operations Division of the Brentwood Police Department offers several specialized units. Serving not only as vital functions to our citizens, the specialized units also offer a change of pace for our officers. Beginning in the Spring of 2014, the department implemented a Bicycle Patrol Team.
The purpose of the Bicycle Patrol Team is to take advantage of a progressive method of patrolling and to improve the overall effectiveness of the department through community based policing. We believe that bicycle officers will be more accessible and approachable by the public we serve. The Bicycle Patrol Team's goal is to provide the community and its visitors with an exceptional level of professional and personal policing. After a rigorous week long training course and certification through the International Police Mountain Bike Association, the team of six (6) officers began patrols on May 25, 2014. Since that time, they have been met with numerous compliments and countless excited and intrigued children as well as adults. 

The team's primary responsibilities will be to promote a positive police and community experience by interacting with the public throughout the city’s vast walking trails and parks as well as city sponsored special events. Assignment to Bicycle Patrol is an additional duty for the Officers who are currently assigned to the team. Utilized when staffing levels permit, team members will typically patrol in pairs on an irregular basis and will be highly visible while on patrol. If you happen to see the officers, please feel free to stop and say hello.

Photo of original Bike Patrol Officers   Photo of Officer Wickwire and Officer Townsend on Bike Patrol