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Brentwood Defensive Driving School

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5211 Maryland Way – Brentwood – TN – 37027

Phone: 615-371-2272 Fax: 615-507-2735



If you have been approved by the Court to attend the Defensive Driving School, you have two options:

Option 1
Live Classroom

Complete the Driver Safety School
offered by the City of Brentwood.
See below for times and directions.

Option 2*

Complete the National Safety Council's
On-Line Defensive Driving Course:
Online Driving School



* If you are under the age of 18, you are NOT eligible for Option 2. Judge Jewett reserves the right to make exceptions and/or direct any violator to either school at her discretion.

1.   Defensive Driving School is NOT automatic – only the Court can approve attendance.

2.   This program is not available for a violation committed in a commercial motor vehicle or for any driver who has a commercial driver’s license (CDL), regardless of whether or not the driver was driving a commercial vehicle or his/her personal vehicle at the time of the citation.

3.     The fee for Defensive Driving School is $50.00.

4.   You will be required to pay the applicable court costs and class fee prior to attending class – payments will not be accepted the day of class.

5.   If you attend the class without paying, you must understand that your Certificate of Completion will be held in the Police Records Division until payment is received – see statement 9 below.

6.   If the date provided is inconvenient or you require further assistance, we can provide a list of approved classes available in other cities that meet the City of Brentwood Court's requirements.

7.   On-Line user – if you do not see the “Brentwood, Tennessee” sign in the photo above the web-page, you are NOT on the correct web-page. If you take the course on-line, you must print your own Certificate of Completion at the end to return to the Court.

8.   If you use a live classroom other than the City of Brentwood's or you are an On-Line user - you MUST return the Certificate of Completion in person, mail or email (keep a copy) to the Records Division of the Brentwood Police Department.

9.   Failure to return your Certificate of Completion within 60 days of your court date or pay for the class will result in the automatic suspension of your driver's license by the State of Tennessee.


1.  Your designation to attend Defensive Driving School has a deadline.

2.  You have two (2) months from your court date to complete the school.

3.  If you do not understand or have any questions, you need to ask/call the Records Division at (615)-371-2272.

4.  If you do not attend the Defensive Driving School by the deadline, after being designated to do so, you will be obligated to satisfy the citation by paying the citation fine in full and points will likely be assessed against your driver's license.

5.  If you do not attend the Defensive Driving School and ignore payment of the citation, your driver's license will be suspended by the Tennessee Department of Safety in accordance with State Law.

City of Brentwood Defensive Driving School
1300 Sunset Road – Brentwood - TN 37027



Defensive Driving School is held the 3rd Saturday of each month at the address above. The classes are four (4) hours in length and will start PROMPTLY at 8:30 a.m.



From I-65

Take Exit 71
Turn Left [east] onto Concord Rd
Head east on Concord Rd for approx. 4.3 miles
Turn Right [south] onto Sunset Rd
Head South on Sunset Rd for approx. 0.2 miles
Turn Left at 1300 Sunset Rd
Follow driveway to the left (top entrance)

From Nolensville Road

Turn onto Concord Rd
Head southwest on Concord Rd for .3 miles
Turn Right onto Concord Rd [@ Forest Trail]
Remain on Concord Rd for approx. 2.0 miles
Turn Left on Sunset Rd
Head South on Sunset Rd for approx. 0.2 miles
Turn Left at 1300 Sunset Rd
Follow driveway to the left (top entrance)


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