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Police Records

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Brentwood City Hall, 5211 Maryland Way, Brentwood

Records Window 3

Monday - Friday -- 7 am - 4 pm


Accident Reports 

FREE Accident reports are available online at the link above.

Copies of most police incident reports and accident reports are available for free at the Records window.  Copies are usually available three to five business days following the incident being reported.





There has been some confusion regarding 2019 Public Chapter 111, which makes some personally identifying information contained in crash reports confidential. The premise of the new law is to protect certain personally identifying information….meaning that if your neighbor or the local chiropractor was not involved in the crash/accident, then they cannot get an un-redacted copy of your accident report without your permission. Prior to this new law going into effect on July 1, anyone could get a copy of any and all accident reports which included your address, telephone number and insurance information.


According to the new statute (PC111), the following personal identifying information should be redacted as it now confidential: any street addresses and zip codes, telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers, and insurance information. 


The following may receive an un-redacted copy of the motor vehicle accident report: any person named in the report and a legal representative, attorney for a person named in the report, or that person’s agent (such as an insurance company). 


Any federal, state, or local governmental agency or any private person or entity acting on behalf of the federal, state, or local governmental agency may use the personally identifying information in carrying out the agency’s functions (Carfax, Lexis Nexis, etc.). Nothing prevents a law enforcement entity from releasing information about traffic accidents to the public, to include the name, age and county or city of residence of those persons involved in the accident when determined for the best interest of the agency and the public good. Statute provides penalties for violations to the law.


In short, any party to the crash (named on the crash report), can receive an un-redacted copy of the report. In addition, the lawyer or agent for any named party can receive an un-redacted copy of the report once he or she certifies that they have the permission of the named party. Anyone else that asks for a copy of an accident, including the media or a citizen, should receive a redacted copy.


The Office of Open Records Counsel for the state of Tennessee has opined that as long as the third-party can verify they are acting on behalf of the insurance company, or some other entity authorized to obtain motor vehicle record information pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-25-107(b)(1), (6) or (9), they are entitled to an un-redacted copy of the report. 


Other Services Provided 

  • Notary service is available free of charge to Brentwood residents during normal business hours at the City Hall. This service is limited to a maximum of two documents and no witness signature services will be provided.
  • Letter of clearance for residents of City -- ID required
  • Fingerprinting is suspended until further notice.

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