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Technology-Car Interior 1Mobile Data (In-car computers)

The use of mobile data computers in the roadside environment is the fastest emerging technology tool to assist law enforcement. All of the Brentwood patrol vehicles are already equipped with computers. The complexity of integrating the components onto the vehicle while avoiding the "clutter" has been very challenging.

Identification of suspect or missing/unidentified people can be readily accomplished in the roadside environment.  The computers have direct access to computer aided dispatch and NCIC. This allows officers to inquire on license plates, driver’s licenses, wanted persons and numerous other files. This will assist law enforcement in locating fugitives, missing persons, stolen vehicles that may previously have gone undetected. 

Technology-Car Interior 2In-Car Video Recording Systems

The in car video system is an important tool that is used by law enforcement on a daily basis.  In-car video camera systems are used in the marked patrol vehicles of the Brentwood Police Department. This state-of-the-art video recording equipment benefits both the police department and the citizens of Brentwood by allowing immediate and accurate documentation of traffic stops and arrest situations.
The cameras protect the officer by identifying the individual stopped and his actions. On other occasions, the recordings have brought immediate closure to both citizen’s complaints about an officer’s demeanor or tactics, and complaints of excessive force by prisoners. The videos are also used to review numerous incidents involving DUI cases, vehicle pursuits, traffic stops and arrests.  The video system allows for the investigating supervisors to see and hear exactly what occurred during the given situation.
The system benefits Brentwood residents by ensuring that our officers maintain a professional and polite attitude at all times. The videos are also used by supervisors to review the actions of new officers when dealing with the public during the extensive field training program. Issues such as officer safety and demeanor, positive and negative are easily noticed through the use of these videos.

Some of the services / uses of this technology are:

  • Identification and location of missing children
  • Increased Computer Aided Dispatch functionality
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Mapping for directions to motorists and incident
  • Increased information availability with decreased operator intervention