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Brentwood's Chipper Service Only Accepts Paper Bags

photo of yard waste bags lined up


 The City of Brentwood offers brush collection once a month to all residents on residential streets.  This service cost the city roughly $500,000 annually.    To continue this free service, we ask that you follow the rules.


  1. Brush must be behind the curb with cut ends towards the curb.

  2. Brush must not exceed eight feet in length and three feet in height.

  3. Limbs and stumps larger than six inches in diameter will not be picked up.

  4. Debris that is the byproduct of commercial cutting/trimming will not be accepted.

  5. Leaves and grass clippings will be collected in brown paper bags only.   Plastic bags will not be accepted.  Why the switch?

  6. Do not stack brush, clippings or other leaves near stationary objects like a fire hydrant, mailbox, utility pole, etc.

 **If a pile violates of any of the rules and is not picked up, residents will receive a door hanger on the flag of your mailbox with a box checked giving a reason why. 




The Right Way To Set Out Brush

 pile of debris sitting on side of yard















Large amounts of brush and large trees removed by commercial landscaping services must be disposed of by the company.   If you hire someone to cut your brush, be sure that the cost of hauling the brush, yard waste and other debris away is included in the price estimate you receive.  The free Chipper Service operated by the City of Brentwood is designated to accommodate routine trimming and pruning done by the homeowner.  Without limitations, the City would be unable to service all homes monthly.


Grapple Truck Hits Brentwood Routes in 2019  


The City of Brentwood started using a grapple truck in 2019 which collects brush more efficiently.   The grapple truck will require only one operator, will increase speed, and reduce Injury and employee fatigue.  The grapple truck is used during storm clean-up, or large debris blocking a spillway, culvert, or road.


More Information

Service Center, Public Works - 615.371.0080

Todd Hoppenstedt, Public Works Director

Jamie Booker can assist you with route questions, schedules and status. She can be reached directly by calling 615.507.2763