Street Paving

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five men working on paving equipment 

 2019 Brentwood Paving Plan


2019 Street Paving List




2018 Paving Completed:

  • 52 streets 
  • Cost:  $2,299,795
  •  23.7 lane miles or approximately 5% of total lane miles



Want to Know When We Will be Paving Near You?

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Paving Process


Crews remove the top layer of asphalt and return one to four weeks later to pave following concrete repairs. 


This process involves several parts that include applying a sticky layer called the tack coat, applying new asphalt, and rolling the pavement to make it smooth.

What if my car is parked on a public street?

Street parking is not allowed during paving projects.  City staff will make their best effort to have vehicles in the way of a paving train relocated by the owner.  In some rare cases, we may engage a tow truck to relocate the vehicle. 

Technology to Help Determine Road Maintenance


The City of Brentwood started using video scanning technology in 2017 to help develop a 28-page report indicating the condition of every city street.  Prior to this technology, staff would drive on city streets for hours, over weeks to visually evaluate street conditions.  Crews would then spend time manually entering the information into a computer.  While it is still necessary for staff to physically evaluate the road condition, the data gathered by this type of survey helps staff formulate a multi-year plan for maintaining roads.


Safety Around Resurfacing

Please slow down when driving through any work zones. 

Each year the statistics on distracted driving continue to climb.  In 2015, a work zone crash occurred every 5.4 minutes in the United States according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

Please be alert when driving in or near work zones, especially when workers or law enforcement are present.