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Excavation Permit

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When excavating in the Public Right-of-Way and Public Utility easements, a permit is required to perform said work in the City of Brentwood.  

Right-of-Way and Bores are the most common and are the departments preferred method, however, when you are not able to perform your work within the right-of-way or complete a bore, you may have to cut into the road. If that is the case, authorization is required from the either the Public Works Director or the Superintendent before ANY cut is made.

 *Failure to obtain appropriate permits will result in a citation leading to fines and court costs for each violation of the Municipal Code*


Requirements for obtaining a permit:    Printable Check List

Work may NOT begin until permit number has been issued.  Your permit is NOT valid until payment has been received.

 Bond or Deposit will not be released until the completed job has been inspected and released by our street inspector, Wayne Bobbitt. 

It is your responsibility to contact Wayne Bobbitt and request an inspection of the completed job. Wayne can be reached at the office (615) 371.0080 or his cell phone (615) 406.3108.


Excavation Permit City Ordinance