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Early Warning System

See Outdoor Warning System.


Most properties have some form of easement specified on the recorded plat. Easements are areas of properties that have special public uses or or have restrictions on general use by the property owner. There are many forms of easements including but not limited to utility, drainage, communication and access easements. For questions concerning easements, contact the Engineering Department at 615-371-0080 or


The Williamson County Board of Education is located at the County Administrative Complex, second floor, 1320 West Main Street, Franklin, 615-472-4000. For additional information, see Schools or visit the website for Williamson County Schools.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City hosts electric vehicle charging stations at the Library and City Hall. The chargers are part of the Blink network and are subject to network fees.

Electrical Permits and Inspections

All electrical and low voltage permits and inspections are completed through the State of Tennessee Fire Marshal's office.  Electrical permits may be issued at the Brentwood City Hall for any location in Williamson County, excluding the City of Franklin. For more information call 615-577-6160 between 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday through Thursday. To request an electrical inspection or for questions on electrical improvements call 615-577-6161, 8:00 am – 9:00 am Monday through Friday.

Electrical Service

See Utilities.

E-Mail Address (City of Brentwood)

EMS - Emergency Medical Services

The ambulance service in Brentwood is staffed and operated by the Williamson Medical Center, 615-435-5000. When an ambulance is required, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics with the Brentwood Fire & Rescue Department also respond to assist the ambulance personnel.

Emergency 911

For emergency police, medical, or fire services, dial 911. The phone number and address of the caller will appear on a computer display screen and emergency personnel will be dispatched immediately. If you are calling from a cellular phone, be sure to give your exact location.

Emergency Alert Notification - Everbridge

Everbridge is a citizen alert notification tool used by the Police and Fire Departments to deliver critical public safety information to residents quickly. Registered users will receive alert messages by telephone, email, text message or through the Everbridge app. You can choose how you want to be notified. It is very important for all residents to sign up for this service, and to provide both cell phone numbers and home landline numbers (if applicable). Visit the city website at for more info or to sign up. See Police Department


Employment applications for the City of Brentwood are available at the Administrative Office, City Hall, 5211 Maryland Way or on the city website at  Applications are accepted only for advertised vacancies except for police officers, firefighters, maintenance workers and library technicians (for which applications are accepted year-round). For more information, visit the Employment Opportunities page of our website or call the Human Resources Department at 615-371-0060. 

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing the design of new developments, both commercial and residential, for compliance with the city’s technical rules and regulations including road and drainage system design, inspecting the development during construction, implementation of the storm water compliance program and addressing concerns and issues that may affect adjoining property. For additional information, contact the Engineering Department at 615-371-0080 or