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The City of Brentwood enforces certain standards for the construction and maintenance of fences and screening walls. The standards address the materials and types of installations permitted, height/design limitations, and prohibited areas such as public utility and drainage easements, etc. Fences installed in the flood plain must be approved by the Planning Commission. While no permits are required for installation of standard type fences in residential districts, approval by the City is required and residents are strongly encouraged to review the requirements established in Section 78-10 of the Municipal Code. The code is available for your review at the city’s web page under the Legal Department or City Recorder pages. In addition, residents should confirm that the type and placement of the proposed fence will comply with the restrictive covenants and other regulations in force for the subdivision or development. Contact the Planning and Codes Department at 615-371-2204 or for more information.

Finance Department

The Finance Department collects revenues that are authorized under State Statute and City Codes; safeguards financial assets of the City; prepares annual and long-term financial forecasts and budgets; compiles an annual audited financial report; disburses budgeted financial resources; and provides prudent investment of idle resources. For further information, contact the Finance Department at 615-371-0060 or click here to visit the department's web page.

Fire & Rescue Department

The Fire & Rescue Department responds to fires and calls for emergency medical assistance from its four fire stations located at 5211 Maryland Way, 1301 Wilson Pike, 1750 General George Patton Drive and 1300 Sunset Road. For emergencies, call 911 and for non- emergencies call 615-371-0170 or

Fire Public Safety Programs

The Fire & Rescue Department offers the following safety programs: Citizens Fire Academy, Fire Safety House, CPR Classes, Fire Extinguisher Classes, Residential Fire Safety Inspections, Smoke Detector Campaign, Fire Station Tours and Basic First Aid Classes. Contact the Fire & Rescue Department at 615-371-0170 or for more information.


The sale, possession and use of fireworks is prohibited within the City of Brentwood.

Flood Plain

The City of Brentwood participates in the F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood insurance program. Development is restricted and in some cases prohibited within the designated flood plains of the City. If you need to determine if property is in the flood plain, call the Planning & Codes Department at 615-371-2204 or