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Garage Sales

Garage sales are limited by ordinance to a maximum of two sales per year. Each garage sale shall be limited to two days, and no permit is required. Signs for garage sales may not be posted in the public right-of-way, including utility poles and light poles. Ample parking must be provided so as to not cause a traffic disturbance or a parking violation. Questions on the use of signs should be directed to the Planning & Codes office at 615-371-2204.

Garbage Collection

Solid waste collection is handled by private collectors. Property owners contract directly for the service. For a current list of businesses that provide residential trash collection visit our website at (This list does not imply endorsement by the City)

Government Access Channel

Brentwood's government access channels are designed to provide concise, up to date information abour various city government services, meetings, programs and upcoming events.  The access channes are Channel 19 on Comcast, Channel 99 on AT&T and Channel 204 on United Communications.

Grading Permit

A grading permit is required for any land disturbance activity that will change the grade of a property or may result in increased soil erosion. These activities include clearing, stripping, grading, excavating, transporting or filling. Home gardens, home landscaping or lawn preparation are exempt unless there is potential to create erosion or to change drainage patterns. For additional information, contact the Engineering Department at 615-371-0080.


See Lawncare.

Grinder Pump Systems

Many residents in Brentwood have sewer service via a grinder pump system. Maintenance calls on city approved pumps are subject to a flat repair fee of $35 during the regular business hours or $60 after hours. . For service calls, call 615-371-0080 during regular business hours and 615-371-0160 during non-business hours. For more information on the systems and maintenance program go to