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Natural Gas

See Utilities.

Neighborhood Watch

See Crime Prevention.


The City publishes and delivers a semi-annual newsletter in April and October, entitled Citizen’s Update, to all Brentwood residents. For more information, contact the Community Relations Director at 615-371-0060 or via E-mail.


Noises that are unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary may be in violation of the City’s ordinances. These might include noises caused by barking dogs, loud music, or building operations after dark or in early morning hours. Complaints about noise should be directed to the Brentwood Police Department at 615-371-0160 or the Planning and Codes Department at 615-371-2204.

Notary Public

Notary Public service is available free of charge to Brentwood residents during normal business hours at the City Hall.  This service is limited to a maximum of two documents and no witness signature services will be provided.