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Open Space in OSRD Zoning Districts

The open space in OSRD (Open Space Residential Development) subdivisions is intended to preserve permanent open space within subdivisions such as steep hillsides, historic resources, floodplain areas, nature preserves and buffer strips along major roads. In newer subdivisions scenic easements are provided within these open spaces to protect trees and other features from removal without city or homeowners' association permission.

Outdoor Warning System

Due to occasional turbulent weather, the city has installed a Tornado Warning System. When the sirens are activated, residents should seek shelter immediately and tune in a local television channel. The warning devices in the park also have lightning detection devices that play verbal messages warning of possible lightening strikes.  Also note that the siren system is tested monthly on the first Saturday at 1:00 p.m.


An ordinance is a formal enactment of a local law as adopted by the City Commission. Adoption of zoning changes, annexation of property and the city’s annual budget also require passage of an ordinance. Ordinances must be passed on two readings before taking effect.  Ordinances are recorded and organized into a collection termed the Municipal Code - click here to view Brentwood's Muncipal Code.  The most recent newly created or amended ordinances can be found in the minutes from the past Commission meetings on the Commission Meetings & Agendas web page.