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Tax Department

The Williamson County Trustee office is responsible for the billing and collecting of City and County property taxes. For questions concerning your property tax or personal property tax contact the Trustee at 615-790-5709 or For questions concerning your business license tax contact the Business Tax Clerk at 615-371-0060 or


Property Tax - Brentwood has not increased the effective city property tax rate since 1991. The city has one of the lowest combined city/county property tax rates for Tennessee cities with populations exceeding 25,000. Residential property in Tennessee is assessed at 25% of the appraised value as reflected on the tax roll.

City rate $ .36
County rate $2.10
$2.46 per $100.00 assessed value of property

Sales Tax - A 9.25% sales tax is imposed on taxable purchases in Williamson County. (This includes the Tennessee State Sales Tax of 7% and the Local Option Sales Tax of 2.25%). The City of Brentwood receives half of the local option sales tax collected inside the city limits while the Williamson County Schools receive the remaining half.

Telephone Service

See Utilities.

Temporary Dead End Street Signs

When a street within a subdivision is approved by the Planning Commission as a temporary dead-end, a sign is erected by the developer indicating that the street is to be connected to future development of the adjoining tract. For more information or to report a missing sign contact the Planning and Codes Department at 615-371-2204 or


Four lighted courts are available at Granny White Park and seven lighted courts at Crockett Park. For hours and reservations, see Parks.

Tornado Warning System

See Outdoor Warning System.

Traffic Court

For information regarding traffic court and payment of fines and court costs, contact the Court Clerk at 615-371-2272  or via  E-mail, Monday through Friday 7 am - 4 pm.

Traffic Signals

To report a problem with a traffic signal call 615-371-0080, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm and on weekend, call 615-371-0160.

Trash Collection

See Garbage Collection or Recycling.

Tree Board
The Tree Board is a volunteer citizen board.  Its responsibilities include coordination of tree related activities, conducting an Arbor Day Ceremony and providing tree information to the community.

Trees (In the Public Right-Of-Way)

Trees that are located in the public right-of-way may not be removed without the approval of the city. For trees that are dead or obstructing the view in the public right-of-way, contact the Public Works Department at 615-371-0080 or use our online form to Report a Problem.