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Disabled Motor Vehicle - It is unlawful for the occupant or owner of any property in a residentially zoned district to allow a disabled or inoperative motor vehicle to be stored on the property unless the vehicle is in a garage or other enclosed building.

Parking of Vehicles - Commercial vehicles with a gross vehicular weight of 8,000 pounds cannot be parked in service institution zoning districts or residential zoning districts on a public street or on any lot of less than five acres. Excluded from this provision are emergency service vehicles and other vehicles actively engaged in performing a service.

Parking on Streets - Any truck or motor vehicle of more than 18,000 pounds gross weight, or any trailer or semi-trailer, whether or not attached to a tractor, may not park on any street from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. This does not apply to trucks, trailer or semi-trailers parked while actually engaged in performing a service.

Vehicle Registration

The Williamson County Clerk's Office registers vehicles and assists with title transactions.  For information, including how to register a vehicle, visit the State Department of Revenue Website.
1320 West Main Street, Franklin, Tennessee, 615-790-5712 
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Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Brentwood utilizes volunteers for many programs and special events through the year. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the Community Relations Director at 615-371-0060 or via E-mail.

Voter Registration

Williamson County residents may register to vote at 1320 West Main Street, Franklin TN  37064, 615-790-5711. Voter registration forms are available at the Brentwood City Hall and the Brentwood Library. For questions on where to vote, call the Election Commission office at 615-790-5711 or