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Community Contact Information

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Listed below are various non-City agencies or services that residents may need to contact.


Phone Number

Ambulance - Non-emergency


Automobile: Drivers License 615-790-5515
Automobile: License Plates & Titles  615-790-5712
Better Business Bureau 615-242-4222
Birth & Death Certificates 615-741-1763

Williamson Inc. (Chamber of Commerce) 

County Mayor 615-790-5700
Defensive Driving School  615-794-2352
Health Department 615-794-1542
Marriage License 615-790-5712
Poison Control Center 615-322-6435
Property Assessor (Williamson County) 615-790-5708
Recycling Coordinator (Williamson County) 615-790-5848
Register of Deeds (Williamson County)       615-790-5706
Schools (Williamson County) 615-472-4000
Tennessee Highway Patrol 615-794-1442
Tennessee One Call 615-366-1987
U. S. Post Office 615-377-3516
Voter Registration 615-790-5711
Williamson County Animal Control  615-790-5590
Williamson Medical Center 615-791-0500