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Tennessee Pledge

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The “Tennessee Pledge” – is a plan to help Tennesseans return to work in a safe environment, restore their livelihoods and reboot our state’s economy.  This is the plan that the City of Brentwood will follow in order for reopening businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.   During his announcement of this pledge on April 24, 2020, Governor Bill Lee indicated that this is a set of guidelines, but not a mandate. 


COVID-19 is an unprecedented and rapidly evolving threat facing Tennessee and the world. The health and safety of Tennesseans remains our number one priority. Much of our state’s current success in this fight is because Tennesseans naturally choose to put each other first and voluntarily adopt safe, new habits. It’s that volunteer spirit that’s been fighting this pandemic and it’s the same volunteer spirit that will rebuild our economy.

This plan was developed by Governor Lee, the Unified Command Group (UCG) and Tennessee’s Economic Recovery Group (ERG) with input from health experts, state and local partners and business and industry leaders. It includes specific recommendations which enable most businesses to re-open responsibly without the burden of heavy mandates. This will be a gradual process, with room to adjust as we evaluate changing data. 

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 health and economy
Tennessee’s first case of COVID-19 was reported on March 4, 2020. Over the subsequent weeks, case numbers increased rapidly. On April 2 Governor Lee signed his Safer at Home order to implement statewide restrictions on non-essential business and travel in order to “flatten the curve” and quickly slow the spread of disease. 
 General Guidelines for Businesses

The Tennessee Pledge asks businesses to provide safe working conditions that protect their employees’ health and consumers while securing their livelihoods. This plan also asks:

  • employees to commit to protecting themselves, their co-workers and the customers they serve.
  • every Tennessee resident to be on the same team with our businesses: act responsibly by following recommended guidelines.
  • to respect social distancing, hygiene and wear protective equipment when appropriate.

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 restaurant guidelines

The State is recommending safeguarding protocols for all businesses in Tennessee, including those that are re-opening and those essential businesses that have remained open during the Safer at Home order.

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 retail guidelines

To support the Pledge for Tennessee, all employers and employees should take steps to reopen safely, help other industries be able to open more quickly, and help Tennessee remain healthy and open for business.

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exercise facilities guidance graphic

This section provides guidance to exercise facilities and how to operate properly under the Tennessee Pledge guidelines.

 This requires those facilities and its employees to take proper safety protocols.   More information can be found here:

graphic that reads recreation guidelines

  • Youth or adult team leagues, activities, or sports should remain closed temporarily to discourage large gatherings \
  • Any activities or areas that are likely to result in physical contact between individuals (e.g., laser tag venues) should be closed temporarily 
  • Any common areas where social distancing is difficult or impossible to maintain (e.g., playgrounds, children’s “ball pits”) should be closed temporarily 
  • Encourage parent / guardian supervision for all children when participating in recreational activities, and ensure that children are able to comply with applicable guidelines (e.g., social distancing, wear face coverings). *Note that cloth face coverings should NOT be put on babies and children under age two because of the danger of suffocation

swimming pool guidelinesThese guidelines are intended for any indoor or outdoor aquatic venue or facility, including community, members-only, housing complex, hotel, waterpark, and exercise facility swimming pools. Despite hosting a large number of people on-site at any one time, such venues should operate in a manner such that persons from different households or small groups are able to substantially maintain 6 feet of separation from other persons or small groups outside their own group during their visit.