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Board of Commissioners

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photo of all seven commissioners standing in commission chambers 

The Brentwood City Commission is made up of seven people elected to make policy decisions for Brentwood City government.   Each of the seven Commissioners serve as an elected representative of the entire city for four year terms.  The City Commissioners appoint the Mayor and Vice Mayor for two-year terms.  The commissioners enact ordinances and serve on various city boards.   The City Commission meets twice a month for regularly scheduled meetings at City Hall located at 5211 Maryland Way.

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Qualifications for Elected Office in Tennessee

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professional headshot photo of commissioner

Mayor Rhea E. Little, III

9703 Onyx Lane

(H) 615-571-2628

(O) 615-371-2200 x2780 



professional headshot photo of commissioner

Vice Mayor Ken Travis

7086 Willowick Drive

(C) 615-981-9572

(O) 615-371-2200 x2490




professional headshot photo of commissioner

 Nelson Andrews

1242 Monarch Way

(C) 615-917-1384



professional headshot photo of commissioner

 Anne Dunn

1613 Covington Dr
(H) 615-370-3702
(O) 615-371-2200 x2420


 Mark W. Gorman

Mark Gorman

9734 Turnbridge Court

(C) 615-483-6004



professional headshot photo of commissioner

Susannah Macmillan

6400 Westbourne Dr

(C) 615-917-1620



Photo headshot of Regina Smithson

Regina Smithson 

6011 Wellesley Way

(H) 615-377-0115

(O) 615-371-2200 x2410