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Future Improvements

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Brentwood Storage Tank

example of what a future Brentwood storage tank could possible look similar to

Beginning in FY 2020, funds are programmed for the first major project identified in the Sewer System Master Plan.  Construction of the Metro/Brentwood pump station storage facility will be required to improve the management of wet weather peak flows. The storage facility and related infrastructure are estimated to cost approximately $7 Million. 

Sewer Lift Station Rehabilitation

example of what a water lift station looks like

This project provides for an on-going, proactive program to rehabilitate the City's sewer lift stations including operating equipment that provides alternative pumping methods during an emergency. To date, ten of the eleven stations have been rehabilitated within the last eight years with only one station remaining to be rehabilitated.   Also, in FY 2020, funding is anticipated for the evaluation, design and if considered viable, construction to possibly abandon the Arden Woods lift station located at 6402 Fisher Ct. and connect the area sewers that discharge to that station to a gravity sewer located on Scales School property.

Water Pipeline Replacement

Beginning in FY 2021, funding is provided to begin work in the Carondelet North area, which includes Davis Dr., Carondelet Pl., Ford Dr., and Hood Pl., to replace the aging water mains under the annual pipe replacement program. This project is planned for FY 2022. Funding is provided in future years for projects identified in the asset management program.

Capacity Improvements

Beginning in FY 2020, the 12-inch line from Mallory Park will be extended westward along Wikle Road to Franklin Road.   Additional water infrastructure projects outlined in the Water System Master Plan are being scheduled in accordance with capacity needs. 


Meter Reading System Improvements

man reading digital meter reading on siteThis multi-year project continues to upgrade the existing, labor intensive "touch-read" water meter reading technology adopted more than 20 years ago to a state of the art "fixed-based" reading technology utilizing radio antenna installed on towers located across the city. The proposed fixed-based reading system includes the installation of meter reading equipment on at least three tower sites and the replacement of reading transmitters and meters at all customer sites. The updated reading system allows for greater reading efficiencies, enhanced customer service and reduced labor and operational costs. FY 2019 funding included installation of radios and meters at existing customer meter sites that are not currently connected to the new system. This work will carry over into FY 2020 with approximately 4,500 new meters to be installed and 8,500 radio units to complete the project.