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What the Tree Board does for the Community:

  • Prepare a community tree plan 
  • Plan Arbor Day events
  • Provide tree information and a recommended tree list
  • Recognize groups and individuals completing tree projects


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 Want to attend a meeting?

The Tree Board meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 am at Brentwood City Hall, 5211 Maryland Way. 

More information?

Deanna Lambert, Community Relations Director, 615-371-2259

Tree management information:  Chapter 78, Article VIII of the Brentwood Municipal Code or call the Planning and Codes Department at 615-371-2204 

Current Members of the Tree Board

Lynn Tucker, Chair 615-310-6698 Email
Nelson Andrews (City Commissioner) 615-917-1384 Email
John Magyar (Planning Commission Representative) 615-333-8999 Email
Lenda Elmlinger (Park Board Representative) 615-477-2515  Email
Cindy Harrison     615-776-5583 Email
David Kumatz 615-370-3750 Email
Christine Jordan 615-331-1436 Email
Robbie Hayes 615-495-2143 Email
Jared Peters 615-947-2513 Email
Patty Shultz 615-376-9226 Email
Sandy Shiveley 615-370-3765  Email
Deanna Lambert, City Staff 615-371-2259 Email
Erin Kiney, City Staff 615-371-2208 Email