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Blasting Regulations

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For Contractors:

  • Blasting permits may be obtained by calling 615-371-0170 during normal business hours. The permits are required by Section 26-68 of the Brentwood Municipal Code and the Brentwood Fire Code and are only active for the dates and times specified on the permit.
  • Permit holders shall be in compliance with NFPA 495, The Code for the Manufacture, Transportation, Storage, and Use of Explosive Materials, in addition to all other ordinances and codes set forth in the City of Brentwood Fire Prevention Code, which specifically PROHIBITS the overnight storage of explosives or blasting agents. Further all storage magazines shall be locked in the OPEN position at the end of the days’ operation, for easy inspection by City Officials.
  • Permit holders shall hold insurance against claims for damages for personal injury and property which may arise from performance of the work.

For Citizens:

While the City of Brentwood has designated the Fire & Rescue Department as the local issuer of blasting permits, blasting is actually regulated by the State of Tennessee.  Local jurisdictions like Brentwood cannot enact regulations to make the requirements for blasting any more or less stringent.  The City requires a permit so that we are aware of who is blasting where, and for what purpose.  The permitting process also gives us the ability to make sure those conducting the blasting are properly licensed through the State, that they have the required insurance coverage in place, and that we have the contact information for the blaster & blasting company.

Under most circumstances, blasting companies are required to offer pre-blast surveys to any structure that is within 300 feet of any blast hole.  The survey documents all structural and cosmetic flaws that are present in those structures prior to blasting activities.

Citizens with questions about blasting are encouraged to call the non-emergency Fire & Rescue Department number(371-0170).  If you wish to file a formal complaint regarding blasting, report property damage or other concerns, you may make a report to the State Fire Marshal's Office at 615-741-7190.  Your information will be kept confidential during the investigation, but may become public record once the investigation is complete.